• Vertical Tripwire hooks

    With the update that allowed us to place item frames on floors and ceilings I began to wonder why not tripwire hooks and string being able to be a vertical line. This could detect things that move ...

  • Realms Player Name view slidebar, options addition

         I was a realm owner for 2 year and tried many different game styles and ways to add members to servers. For example, a survival realm and every player was vetted through party chat and voted i...

  • Tamed animal ownership transfer

    There are alot of tamable creatures in a survival world with no way to share them with friends. I think it would add to the smp experience the ability to transfer ownership of a pet. Perhaps nameta...

  • (Licensed Content) Dr. Who pack

    Dr who has a large fanbase. It would be pretty neat to have all the Dr.'s as skin options. Maybe even a mashup pack with a tardis and all the drs enemies