• Small Blocks

    Blocks that make 1/30 of a regular block. Left clicking on a block in a inventory with a stick makes it turn to 30 small blocks. Glow stone and Sea Lanterns have same brightness.

  • Advanced Villager Option

    Whenever you decide to create a new world, there should be an option for the Villagers complicity. Meaning if the villagers are more intelligent, their villages are large. Made of stronger material...

  • (Licensed Content) Metro Mashup Pack

    Metro the game Metro Last Light, Metro 2033, and upcoming Metro Exodus. Mashup pack. Wolves are Watchmen. Endermen are hostile dark ones. Creepers are red suicide bombers. So on. The mashup map con...

  • Flashlight

    Since the only way to light up areas are by placing torches or other blocks, having a flashlight would really benefit miners and role players.