• Kookaburras

    They would be found exclusively in the Savanna Biomes. They would feed on insects (termites & bees). They also eat meat that the player can feed them to tame them. When tamed they would also scare ...

  • (Nether) Nekos

    Basically they would be a new mob that spawns in the Nether. They would be like Geckos in appearence but are blue and have the ability to climb walls, and are quadrupedal with the ability to go bip...

  • Nether Boss The Lich

    This boss should be activited when after you defeated The Wither. He spawns in a new dungeon type in The Nether. He would be an undead sorcerer who mainly focuses on summoning undead mobs to help. ...

  • Vampire Castle

    Should spawn in snow biomes. And come with vampires. Medium to large castle. And spooky looking.

  • A Bed to sleep through the day.

    Either make a bed for this or allow the option for normal beds to do it. So you can wake up at night.

  • Potions to resist status effects.

    A potion to resist insomnia and any other negative effect should be able to be brewed.  

  • Vampirism status effect

    This should be an effect that happens when Vampires attack you. It would have positives and negatives. You wouldn't be able to walk in the sun without half your health depleting. You should be able...

  • Garlic

    This would be a new farming item you can grow. It could be used to make new recipes and potions (like a new potion to resist Vampirism). Should be sold by farmers and priest.