andrew kissinger

  • Weeds

    Weed=bad Weeds=destroy plants Weeds=eaten by goats another thing that I came up with.

  • Aardvark

    aardvarks are amazing animals and I feel they should be added into minecraft. First they dig no other animal or mob can displace dirt or sand and when I say displace I don't mean vanish no no no I ...

  • Lemur

    lemurs can only be found in rainforests and can be tamed with coco beans they can climb trees and give the player apples.  

  • Platypus

    platypus are neutral mobs that can be tamed with fish and remove sand from rivers

  • Bird Chest

    needs info

    bird chests are chest that you can put on birds.

  • Date tree

    date trees are a tree in oases that have date fruit that you and camels can eat with date wood