• Nether Chest (Linked chests)

    Nether Chest is made with a 2 x beacons and a 2 x normal chests to make a pair of Nether Chests. These are linked and losing either chest with turn other chest in to the function of a normal chest ...

  • Lighting Rod

    When struck activates redstone connected to it. 

  • Goats eat items on ground

    Goats eat items on ground and fill up with them. if player kills goat they drop those items. 

  • Lidded Hopper (Was Covered Hopper)

    Covered Hopper  - stop checks to pull in items in from top. Lowers hopper lag and saves unintentional drops getting into hoppers. but, lets items transfer to next container.  Update 1: currently pe...

  • Stone Block Consistency

    We need block consistency.   Raw, Mined, Finished, Brick, Large Brick, Mossy, Cracked, Chiseled, Wall/Fence, Stair, Slab,   for example  Raw - Stone Mined - Cobble Stone Finished - Smooth stone (fu...

  • Plow - by the smart villager

    Plow is like a hoe. however is 3 wide. you put it on a horse like a saddle and lead horse across field.  could be built from 3 hoes and a saddle.

  • Torch Arrows

    Torch Arrows - Arrows that place torches.   to make it a torch and an arrow. 

  • Auto Mining - Quarry/tunneler

    Tunneler - 3x3 horizontal miner. (could run on tracks and run on iron, coal and water) Quarry 3x3 Vertical Miner (could be a wooden crane or iron drill and run on iron, coal and water) they would h...

  • Crafting Cart

    Crafting Cart - Crafting Bench in a cart.

  • Bucket Cart / Tanker

    Bucket Cart would move Water or Lava via Cart on Rails. also could be a tanker cart and hold 16 buckets of water or lava. the buckets wouldn't be needed in the cart only the liquid would be moved.