• Gamemode: Clans Ultimate Mega Server

    Besides Multiplayer and Single Player There would be a mega server called clans ultimate. When you start off you could create your own clan and territory. You can break blocks or use them in other ...

  • Lions

    Lions would spawn a 16% chance in the Savannah and will hunt down anything (including you so be careful!!) They will take down 8 damage every half second and have 30 health.

  • Having Giant Rocks (Boulders) on land

    We should have Giant Rocks (or Boulders) on land. I don't know why minecraft doesn't have it but in my opinion they should have boulders.

  • Your Wolf Sending A Item To Another Player /wolfsend (item) (player)

    We need a way to send items to players far away and we could do this by doing the /wolfsend command. So the item your sending have to be a item you have right now and if you have a wolf do the comm...

  • Update Magma

    needs info

    We should have a place in the overworld called the magma. So first I want Stone to go deeper and on the outside of the magma would be made of magma blocks. And on the Core or outside of it. It woul...

  • Dried-up leaves

    Dried up leaves would be like leaves except brown. It could be found in deserts and Savannas and could be used in furnaces but it doesn't last as long as wood.

  • Breaking Cobwebs

    When we break cobwebs we can only break it using swords, it's totally unrealistic and doesn't make sense at all.

  • When Fishing fish is visible or be able to see fish

    When we go fishing we don't really see the fish swimming at all so I think when the fish grabs the hook everyone could see it.

  • Silence when shifting or sneaking

    When we shift or sneak I think placing blocks would be silent.

  • Venus Fly Trap

    Venus Fly Traps will spawn only in jungles and take down 5 health a second to any kind of animals or players, also drop flies and Venus Fly Trap teeth (could be used as a weapon)