• Double press with the sword to stay attacking

    One of the problems for mobile gamers is that it is impossible to attack while aiming. A solution for this could be that when attacking an entity (or air) there is a short period of time in which t...

  • Page ripping sound

    Add a sound of ripping page when a page is eliminated.

  • Armor smelting

    I think it would be better if the iron nuggets were proportional to the durability of an armor when melted. If a full durability armor were to melt, it should yield a maximum of 4 iron nuggets. Eac...

  • Spectator Detail

    That when you see the perspective of an enderman, the eyes of the players are "annoying" to see. This would make sense of why endermans get mad when you look at them.

  • Piglins give equipment to other piglins

    That the piglins drop their equipment to their companions when they detect that an imminent death is approaching (when they have little life and begin to burn; for example)

  • Villager trade writted books

    Will be interesting if the villagers can trade written books. Obviously, how much be interesting be determined by the text in it. Could be a history, a daily, instructions for something or a myster...