• Music discs spawning naturally

    The current mechanic to get discs doesn't make any sense and it's quite old so I suggest all music discs (including disc 11) spawn naturally in containers in various structures and some discs may o...

  • the ability to climb vertical chains

    Just like ladders or vines the player could climb chains that are hanging from ceilings

  • Naturally generating cities

    Cities that generate naturally like villages but they will be much larger and complex with various buildings and a high population of villagers inside. These cities may have variants too like a mor...

  • A Really Deep Ocean Biome (explanation and ideas below)

    An ocean biome that is really really deep, reaching the bottom of a Minecraft world. At the deepest parts it's super dark because the sunlight can't reach that far down. Because of the huge open sp...

  • Echo in caves

    I think the 1.17 update is the perfect opportunity to add sound echo in caves.

  • Mud (a block like powder snow but in swamps)

    Just like powder snow players that walk on that block will sink in partially and will be slowed down. This block will generate in swamps and will make the biome more unique and will add variety to it.

  • Combat Update V2

    Stealth mechanic - Harder for mobs to detect the player if he is behind them. If the player is sneaking he can get right behind a mob without it noticing, and if he has invisibility the mob can't d...

  • Illager Prisoner Camp and Caravan

    An Illager camp where Illagers hold prisoner Villagers that looks like they are going to transport them somwhere. If the player doesn't save them then the Illagers will form a caravan and take the ...

  • More Illager Related Content

    Illagers are a great feature that adds depth to the Minecraft lore and I'd like to see more of them in the future

  • The Raven (flying neutral mob, explanation below)

    Will spawn at night in forests and if a swarm of ravens is big enough they will become hostile and attack the player. They will be black with red eyes and they will stand on trees watching the play...