Ela Jain

  • connecting boats with string

    uhhhh. what details are there. you can connect the dang boats so more than one thing can get across the ocean. dogs. how annoying is it to try to get them to a new island. 

  • faucet

    ok, imagine if you could mix 4 iron ingots and 2 redstme to create a faucet. this would be a running water source at your dingertips. it would use the connection of redstone sort of like pipes. the...

  • stained clay slabs

    stained clay slabs should be added. also, if you smelted them then you would get the glazed version. it would add new building opportunities to the Minecraft community. this is a pretty self explan...

  • stained clay stairs

    also if you smelted them you would get the glazed version of it.

  • drinking animation

    all animals should have a drinking animation.

  • self fed animals

    simple, animals should be able to eat without being fed. with the exception of sheep eating grass, there is pretty much no self feeding mobs except ourselves.also, when dogs kill sheep, they should...

  • golf cart

    it is kind of like a minecart but you steer it like a boat on land.it goes the same speed as a boat in water. instead of having a horse to look after, a golf cart would not run away. if you left yo...

  • spawn eggs in loot chests

    . they could be found in random loot chests like desert temples, igloos, and dungeons. not big mobs like skelotens and zombies. more like bats and useless stuff. in buried treasured chests there wo...

  • gun powder block

    you can save room in your inventory by putting iron into blocks. same with diamonds and redstone and emralds and gold and lots of other things so why not gunpowder.

  • water bottle and flower makes dye

    instead of flower, put water bottle into a flower. not a bucket though. that would be a little to much.this would make it a lot more realistic. you cant just rub a flower on a piece of wool and get...