• Cloth

    Cloth would be made with string and wool and would be in crafting recipes, such as parachutes, gliders, or cloaks (check my other posts). It would have a similar texture to paper, but a bit darker.

  • Parachutes

    A parachute would be made with sticks, string, and maybe cloth, if added (check my other post). It would not allow you to hold anything while descending, and you would not be able to go up. It woul...

  • Pockets

    The title implies pockets like in the side of pants, but what I mean is a little shulker box-like item that would only hold 5 items and would be crafted with the recipe for a chest but with leather...

  • Fishing improvement

    There could be a small chance that, when fishing, you could hook a chest and instead of pulling it up, it pulls you, or you pull yourself. IDK.

  • Repeater improvement

    Mojang, please make comparators able to run directly into repeaters, and please make repeaters able to directly run into comparators.

  • Paper and quill

    Basically a book and quill but it has a max of one page and is on paper instead of on a book. This would be cool because, realistically, one doesn't use a book to communicate one page of words, he/...

  • Disorientation dimension (edited)

    A dimension that would be accessible by placing yellow and pink wool in a checker pattern in the shape of a nether portal and throwing a trident through it. The dimension would be very strange with...

  • Arrows of invisibility could be invisible.

    A small thing, I know, but it would be cool to shoot arrows at a player so he/she wouldn't know what hit 'em.

  • Phobia options

    There would be togglable -phobia features. Arachnophobia would make spiders do more damage and would make you run faster when you see them. Skelephobia would do the same thing with skeletons. Kinem...

  • toys for baby villagers

    toys that could be found in the hands of a baby villager.