• New Mob: Blooditor

    What if there was a new mob in the overworld or nether called the Bloodotaur or Moonotaur (Haven't thought of a too great name yet). In mornings it wouldn't attack you and it will look like a reall...

  • Sailor's Curse

    If you're out at sea too long, you get this curse.   What the curse might do: -When you get this cures it would be cool if the water turned a different color like red or orange. -The sky could also...

  • dying blindness potions

    You should be able to dye blindness potions. Then you will be blinded with whatever color you dye it with. Example: I you dye it red, instead of seeing black when you are blinded you will see red l...

  • attraction potion

    It will be a potion that if you take it, items on the ground will start coming towards you from far distances.

  • feeding a wolf coco beans

    If you feed a wolf coco beans, it should lose health. The same should happen if you feed it chocolate cookies.

  • potion of blur

    It is pretty self explanatory. It would be a potion that blurs your vision for a given amount of time. It would be kind of similar to blindness except you can still see when you are effected with t...

  • Melon cutting

    What if when you break a melon with a hoe, you get more melon slices and the amount of slices you get varied on the type of how you use (diamond, wood, iron, ect). This gives more use to the hoe.