• Better Execute Command

                                             JAVA EDITION The Execute Command in 1.14 and up could change (In my opinion) This is what I'd think is good (For Entity) /execute (entity,@S,@E,Gammertag ec...

  • Mod loader

    It is an easy thing where in the minecraft launcher or ingame you press an option to load a mod and it brings you to your file explore and click the mod and minecraft loads it in

  • Terracotta Soldiers!

    There should Terracotta Soldiers! They take fire Damage to 10 Full Hearts, they have Terracotta Bows, Arrows and Swords. They have a health of 80. when shot by a Terracotta arrow you Take 4 Damage ...

  • Execute command (was: Command)

    /execute if pig facing something do setblock ~ ~ ~1 redstone_block tooo confusing  /execute @e[type=pig] ~ ~ ~ /Effect @e[type=pig] speed 255 255