• Structures should be displayed in the debug world

    I think it would be nice if all components of all the structures in the game would be displayed in the debug world. This would let people view all of the structures in future releases and snapshots.

  • Allow players to use the data structure block

    I believe that we should be able to use the data block for custom structures. Maybe we could put a .json file in a structure sub-directory that has name to tell the game what to load when a certain...

  • Range slice option for lists

    I think it would be nice if you could do a range slice on a list. Something like (Items[0..4]). Example: data modify block ~ ~ ~ Items append from entity @p Inventory[27..35]

  • (World Storage) Use git for world backups

    I believe instead of minecraft worlds creating a .zip file every time you backup a world, I think that when a world is crated it creates a git repository and commits any world changes to the reposi...

  • Move pre-1.9 structures to .nbt files

    Structures added to the game in 1.9 and above have been saved inside .nbt files while structures added before 1.9 were saved inside the code. I think that the structures added before 1.9 should be ...

  • Decorative minecart blocks

    I think we should allow players to put any block inside a minecart. You could put a diamond ore int a minecart to make your mine look better. It might not be very useful but it would add some more ...

  • Xp loot tables

    I believe that loot tables should be overhauled with an optional xp type. You could set the amount of xp that is dropped by mobs and maybe chest with loot tables should give the player xp when opened.