• Bucket Of Paint *item*

    You should be able to paint wooden blocks, bricks and stone bricks*only wooden blocks, bricks (which LatchedPath6362 suggested) and stone bricks (which fidelianerina suggested)* it should be made b...

  • Petals in Minecraft

    Have you guys thought about adding petals. this wont really change the game but would it be greate if you could right click a flower and get a petal?

  • Ender Spikes * a new addition to the end*

    You should add purple spikes in the end. These spikes shouldn't everywhere you turn but not rare. THe name your be called End Spikes or something like that and should have the ender man special eff...

  • Waves

    under review

    These waves should be able to move you around, move items around and should only spawn in areas where its deep.

  • Helmets for infininte breathing underwater

    you should add helmets in order to breathe under water. You must need a conduit, dragon breath and glass.  this will give you infinite water breathing where ever you go. *also these helmets can loo...

  • Nest for parrots

    I recommend you add nest in minecraft for parrots and what not. also parrot eggs in survival

  • Bat Drops *fangs*

    You should make a bat have a drop. it should drop a fang which can be used to make poison potions