• Advanced Parkour

    needs info

    Simple, Better Parkour. You Could Be Able To: Double Jump, Wallrun, Wall Jump, Grab Ledges, Etc. It Could Be Great For Minecraft Parkour Map Creators. If You Could Do This, It Will Be Great!

  • Frosted Mushroom Island

    How About A New Biome? I Was Thinking Of Adding A Biome That's A Mix Between A Mushroom Island And The Ice Spikes Biome. It Can Be Rarer Than A Normal Mushroom Island And It Can Basically Be A Mush...

  • Become a Wizard!

    I have an idea for a new weapon. If you could add spells and wands to Minecraft, that would be great. The wand and spells could be found in new structures, (like wizard towers) that are SUPER RARE,...