• Concrete and Terracotta having Slabs, Stairs, and Walls

    under review

    I really don’t like how you can’t craft concrete slabs and stairs. That basically means that we don’t have ANY colorful slabs and stairs. I really wish Mojang will add this because that would allow...

  • (Java Parity) Better Naming

    There are some things in the Bedrock Edition whose names are different from that of the Java Edition, and sometimes don’t even make sense by themselves. They should be named like the Java Edition.

  • Less lakes and empty caves

    I really hate how in the middle of some wonderful terrain, a cave lake thing pops out on the surface. They should only have underground entrances for ACTUAL CAVES. It would be pretty easy since it ...

  • Old Villagers

    With the Village and Pillage update coming out in Q1 2019, villagers and villages are going to get a COMPLETE OVERHAUL! They will look very different from the villagers and villages we know and lov...