• (Java Parity) Sign edit interface

    When editing a sign, the screen is darkened and the sign is displayed. If it's a standing sign, the post is also shown. The text "Edit sign message" appears above the sign, and a "done" button appe...

  • (Java Parity) Tall grass generation

    Java generates generous amounts of tall grass, especially in plains and savannah biomes.

  • (Bedrock Parity) Map color palette

    In Bedrock, maps have an unlimited color palette and a different set of colors for blocks. Grass coloring depends on biome.

  • (Java Parity) Hotbar Position

    The hotbar should be positioned at the very bottom of the screen.

  • (Java Parity) Item tooltips

    Item tooltips are solid black rectangles with a single pixel taken out of each corner. An interior border displays a blue gradient. There is a two pixel buffer between the border and all visible te...

  • (Java Parity) Creative Inventory Search Bar

    The search bar is immediately focused when the inventory is opened to the search tab, or the user clicks on the search tab. Taking an item fully selects the typed text, but leaves it focused so the...

  • (Java Parity) Drowned equipment

    In Java Edition, 2% of drowned spawn with a fishing rod. Additionally, the trident should be removed from the Bedrock drowned loot table, and only drop as equipment. This was fixed in Java: https:/...

  • (Java Parity) Silverfish stone breaks instantly

    When you punch silverfish stone (infested stone), it should break instantly with a puff of smoke and spawn a silverfish.

  • (Java Parity) Remove plant from flower pot

    Right click flower pot --> flower is removed and put in your hand

  • (Java Parity) Missing scoreboard criteria in bedrock

    Please add the following missing scoreboard criteria to bedrock edition: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Scoreboard#Criteria Thank you!