• (Java Parity) Skin customization menu

    Bedrock edition is missing the skin customization menu. Having the ability to change the layers of your skin during gameplay is a great way for players to express themselves, and they can appear le...

  • (Java Parity) Torches on solid faces

    Missing feature in Bedrock Edition. The reason this should be added is because feature parity.

  • (Java Parity) Default command block name

    In 1.8, the default name of command blocks was switched from "@" (which matched Java) to "!" (which does not). If the team values parity, this change should be reverted.

  • (Java Parity) Remove barrier below void

    In Bedrock Edition, there is a random invisible solid barrier around Y=-40. This breaks parity with Java Edition for seemingly no reason. Please remove this barrier.

  • (Java Parity) Chat UI

    In Java Edition, chat appears at the bottom of the screen. When chat is open, it is a simple gray bar with a cursor, and all chat history is visible up to a certain point. In Bedrock Edition, the c...

  • (Bedrock Parity) biomes_client.json

    Bedrock Edition has a file in resource packs that allows you to customize the colors of water for specific biomes. It's called biomes_client.json and allows customization of the following propertie...

  • (Java Parity) Remove non-chicken zombie jockeys

    Java Edition added chicken jockeys -- a baby zombie riding a chicken. This was a creative idea and led to an iconic, unique, interesting mob. Back when this feature was ported to Bedrock Edition, t...

  • (Java Parity) Items on heads

    In Bedrock Edition, mobs currently don't render blocks placed on their heads. They should.

  • (Java Parity) Hurt mob redness

    Bedrock mobs are way too red when hurt -- reduce the effect to match Java Edition.

  • (Java Parity) Piston model

    In Java Edition, the piston arm is narrow from base to head. Parity is important and the Java model looks better.