• (Java Parity) Carve pumpkin on top/bottom

    In java edition, you can carve a pumpkin with shears by clicking any face. If you click one of the side faces, the pumpkin face appears there. If you click on top or bottom, the nearest face to the...

  • (Java Parity) Scaffolding model

    Bedrock's scaffolding model is wrong. It looks like this: But it's supposed to look like this:

  • (Java Parity) Village & Pillage block GUIs

    In general, the Java UIs look miles better. In addition to being hideously ugly, the Bedrock UIs have other problems.The loom shows banner options in the wrong place and they are visible before rea...

  • (Java Parity) Helpful witches during raids

    In Java Edition, witches intentionally throw healing/regeneration potions at their fellow raiders. This interaction was skipped in Bedrock Edition and should be added.

  • (Java Parity) "Take book" button in lecterns

    In Java Edition, you remove a book from a lectern by pressing the "take book" button This is better than the bedrock way, in which you punch the lectern.

  • (Java Parity) Crossbow tooltips

    In Java Edition, the tooltip tells you what is loaded in this crossbow

  • (Java Parity) Raid boss bar

    The Bedrock raid boss bar is purple and not segmented. It looks like the entirely unrelated dragon fight bar:   The Java raid boss bar is red and segmented, which looks great and appropriate: The...

  • (Java Parity) More accurate block hitboxes

    Java has accurate block hitboxes. Bedrock does not. This should be corrected.  

  • (Java Parity) Block breaking particles

    In Java edition when breaking a block, the particles fill the shape of the block and are contained within it. The particles are colored according to the darker face of the block. This should be por...

  • (Bedrock) Fix the explosion particles

    Not a bug per se, but Bedrock explosion particles are really low-res compared to Java for some bizarre reason.