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  • 5 votes

    (Start Here) Welcome to our Sounds Feedback Area

    Welcome to the Sounds feedback area - your place to discuss sounds in Minecraft. If you are discussing how an existing sound works, please be sure to include information about the version of Minecr...
  • 1 vote

    Cool Charged Creeper Sounds When it Explodes

    So the Creeper is charged, it does more damage to the terrain and the creatures who are close enough to it but is that really it? I believe that the Charged Creeper should get a cool sound effect w...
  • 0 votes

    Throwing TNT item into fire

    If you throw a TNT item into fire or lava, it should make a firecracker noise, but won't destroy any blocks.
  • 1 vote

    Levers, buttons, pressure plates, and dispensers should have unique sounds

    Levers, (weighted) pressure plates, stone buttons, tripwire, and dispensers/droppers all use the same "random/click" sound played at slightly different pitches; wooden buttons are the onl...
  • 1 vote

    Mining Different Ores Make Different Sounds

    So when we mine different kinds of ores we don’t really get different sounds. They basically just sound like you’re mining Stone. I suggest that depending on the ore that you mine that they will ma...
  • 0 votes

    Creepy Ghost Voice

    There is one new random sound that I think is to scary for little kids. It's the creepy ghost voice that sounds like its saying "Im gonna kill you". Is there anyway to remove or change th...
  • 1 vote

    Sound-Proof Blocks

    I did check for double-ups, and some sounded similar, but hear me out. Certain blocks, possibly depending on their blast resistance, would dampen a noise. I know this would cause issues with sound ...
  • 1 vote

    Multiple voices for villagers

    A popular suggestion is for gendered villagers, but that’s officially not going to be added, at least as of now. I’ve personally always been mixed on the idea, since I’m afraid that the female vill...
  • 1 vote

    Re-add voices for Steve and add voices for Alex when damage is taken.

    The breaking legs noise is nice, but I believe that the voices add a depth to the characters.  An easy solution to this would to be add multiple different pitches of voice so the players can custom...
  • 1 vote

    Different Cats should have different sounds

    There are a lot of new skins for cats being added into Minecraft, but all cats make the same sounds. I think that cats should have different sound table, not depending on the skin, but depending on...
  • 18 votes

    Additional Sounds Needed (Endermite, Mooshrooms, etc)

    Additional sounds for mooshroms and endermites Own sounds for Endermites like a enderman + silverfish Own sounds for mooshroms like dual cows
  • 87 votes

    Add Biome-Based Music (an idea sparked by the 1.13 pre release)

    Kudos to C418 for the new Ocean music!  Now that we have something to add to the new liveliness of Minecraft Oceans, how about music to other biomes? Add ambient music to the most unique, interesti...
  • 69 votes


    How about making the game sounds more directional? Or maybe incorporating Dolby technologies? My biggest pet peeve about the game is this lack, love it otherwise. 👍  
  • 1 vote

    Snipping sound for shearing

    Here's an idea for a sound, how about a scissor sounding "snip snip" for when shearing sheep?
  • 171 votes

    Sounds get muffled if you're underwater, far away or behind a wall

    If you're underwater (or suffocating in a block), far away or if blocks are blocking you from the source of a sound, the sound should be muffled. Also if a mob is underwater (or suffocating), its...
  • 4 votes

    String & Lead Sounds

    String should make a 'Pling!', and Lead should make a 'Snap!' sound when destroyed. Leads currently have no sound when they break, and String makes stone sounds for some reason.   For string, maybe...
  • 18 votes

    Note Block + Lapis Block = Grand Piano Sounds

    Note Blocks are pretty cool! I mean, they allow you to create actual songs in Minecraft...But, the default sound of the note block is a "piano". Well, if you compare the Minecraft piano s...
  • 24 votes

    (Bedrock) Lower the volume of footsteps. They're too loud compared to Java/Legacy Console!

    Compared to the Java and Legacy Console Editions, footsteps in Bedrock are a lot louder. This makes general gameplay a bit annoying, since footsteps are one of the most common sounds in the game. I...
  • 71 votes

    Custom music discs!

    Custom music discs can be a great way for people to learn to compose actual music! Once a skeleton kills a CHARGED creeper with a bow it will drop an "Empty vinyl". A "Vinyl recorder...
  • 35 votes

    Add more music

    Please add like harp music its so relaxing while playing survival thanks👍
  • 1 vote

    Louder rain. (Like Legacy editions by 4J)

    The rain sound effect is too quiet during storms and showers, compared to when it rained in 4J's port. 
  • 1 vote

    Sound for leads snapping

    Don't you love it when you're pulling some animals with you, only to turn around and realize you lost them all because the lead snapped and you didn't notice? Yeah, I think having a "TSSH!&quo...
  • 1 vote

    Sound effects for spawning mobs (via eggs, etc.)

    I think spawning a mob needs sound effects: - Building a snow golem or an iron golem (snowy or metallic sound efffect) And - Spawning a mob using Spawn eggs - Spawning baby chickens with chicken eg...
  • 545 votes

    Ambient sounds (was: More ambiant sounds)

    Hi ! In the 1.13 update mojang added a lot of ambiant sounds underwater, wich make living / exploring underwater much more rich and pleasant. I think they should go futher with this idea and add mo...
  • 2 votes

    A sound for when a villager levels up.

    Levelling up villagers is quite easy, but I feel like there should be some audible feedback for that. - A sound effect would be nice. - The more sounds, the better in my opinion.
  • 4 votes

    Nether Portal Makes a Cool Sound When Activated

    The title says it all. I figured that since the End Portal gets a cool sound effect when activated, why not the Nether Portal?
  • 1 vote

    Give/Make new music with a frequency for creativity.

    You could use 420.83HZ (Hertz) for a frequency in your music that amplifies the creative mood in an individual. I thought it would be healthy and make Minecraft feel good. 😌
  • 3 votes

    Ravager Stun Sound Effect

    I recently noticed that the Ravager can be stunned by blocking its attack with a shield. I think a neat sound effect would be nice to bring attention to the fact that blocking really does something...
  • 3 votes

    Anvils should produce the same sound as iron blocks

    Just a little thing, but I figured since it's made of all iron, shouldn't it make the slightly higher pitched version of the stone footsteps like other metal stuff in this game?
  • 12 votes

    Custom Biome (Music/Sounds) in Resource Packs

    Minecraft developers, can you please add the ability for us Minecrafters & Creators to add custom biome based Minecraft Music and sounds?This would be super cool imagine being able to have cust...