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  • 6 votes

    (Start Here) Welcome to our Sounds Feedback Area

    Welcome to the Sounds feedback area - your place to discuss sounds in Minecraft. If you are discussing how an existing sound works, please be sure to include information about the version of Minecr...
  • 591 votes

    Ambient sounds (was: More ambiant sounds)

    Hi ! In the 1.13 update mojang added a lot of ambiant sounds underwater, wich make living / exploring underwater much more rich and pleasant. I think they should go futher with this idea and add mo...
    under review
  • 91 votes

    Custom music discs!

    Custom music discs can be a great way for people to learn to compose actual music! Once a skeleton kills a CHARGED creeper with a bow it will drop an "Empty vinyl". A "Vinyl recorder...
  • 135 votes

    Wolves will howl during a full moon

    Wolves should tilt their heads up and howl during a full moon because it would be a nice touch to the game BUT howling can also be useful too. Wolves should also howl if they are very injured and/o...
  • 108 votes

    Add Biome-Based Music (an idea sparked by the 1.13 pre release)

    Kudos to C418 for the new Ocean music!  Now that we have something to add to the new liveliness of Minecraft Oceans, how about music to other biomes? Add ambient music to the most unique, interesti...
  • 192 votes

    Sounds get muffled if you're underwater, far away or behind a wall

    If you're underwater (or suffocating in a block), far away or if blocks are blocking you from the source of a sound, the sound should be muffled. Also if a mob is underwater (or suffocating), its...
    under review
  • 4 votes

    Parrot Mimicking Changes

    When parrots were first announced, I thought they would be one of my favorite mobs.  Now, they're one of my least favorite.  How did this happen?  It's all because of their mimicking feature.  Parr...
  • 46 votes

    Add more music

    Please add like harp music its so relaxing while playing survival thanks👍
  • 42 votes

    Villagers make snoring sounds when sleeping

    I think villagers should snore when they sleep. It'd be funny. It should be only heard from 1-3 blocks away.
  • 12 votes

    Pitch/scale on noteblock

    there should be a larger note scale and drums, like cymbals, hi hat and all that
  • 74 votes


    How about making the game sounds more directional? Or maybe incorporating Dolby technologies? My biggest pet peeve about the game is this lack, love it otherwise. 👍  
  • 0 votes

    Creepy Ghost Voice

    There is one new random sound that I think is to scary for little kids. It's the creepy ghost voice that sounds like its saying "Im gonna kill you". Is there anyway to remove or change th...
  • 46 votes

    Echo echo...

    I want there to be echo in caves.. I think that would make the game more creepy and interesting...
  • 7 votes

    Walking on sand is really annoying (sound)

    Change the sound when you walk on sand back to what it was before! When you walk on sand, it should be the same sound as walking on grass.
  • 96 votes

    Cake eating "munch"

    When eating cake, it should make a munch noise like when you eat normal food or feed animals.
  • 1 vote

    all noises including music should be replaced with mooing cow noise

    i love cow moos
  • 51 votes

    Music for bosses

    When fighting bosses such as the Wither or the EnderDragon there should be some action type music playing in the background, something intense that makes the fight seem more alive! 
  • 8 votes

    Big Cat Sounds

    When Lions,Tigers,Leopards,Jaguars,and Pumas are added to Minecraft they should have sound effects based on real life Cats,and I think the place to get these sound effects will be in Big Cat Rescue...
  • 47 votes

    Add different sounds for cave spiders (Micro Ideas #5)

    Cave Spiders should make different, perhaps higher-pitched sounds than regular Spiders, to instill even more terror into the hearts of spelunkers worldwide. Thank you very much for reading my idea!...
  • 30 votes

    PvP Armor and sharpness hit sound

    I would like to see armor hit sound when a player gets hurt with armor on instead of a regular hurt sound. It would make the game better. Example: If a player with metal armor (gold, iron and diamo...
  • 4 votes

    Remove Cave Noise Sounds

    The Ambient Cave noises are just plain creepy, plus they show up all the time, even in worlds without caves! They do not add anything to the playing experience other than occasional terror, and are...
  • 6 votes

    Villagers hum to the Minecraft music track

    I propose that villagers should hum to the Minecraft music.
  • 13 votes

    Music Packs

    What if we could have a seperate "music" section when applying texture packs. So we can listen to the music from our favorite texture pack but not have to use it.    Like say for example:...
  • 26 votes

    Stonecutter ambient saw blade sounds

    I think it'd be cool if the Stonecutter's spinning saw blade made an ambient sound, since it's constantly spinning
  • 11 votes

    Stews and Soups

    Perhaps change soups and stews to use the drinking sound instead of the eating sound? Nothing more to say on that
  • 9 votes

    Add 'Flake' to Taiga

    I really love the music from Minecraft, but some of it isn't even used. 'Flake' is my favorite, so could you add it into the Taiga when it snows? That would be amazing!
  • 13 votes

    Redstone repeater sound

    The redstone repeater is probably the last component to not have a sound effect when a player changes its block state (in this case, the delay). It's about time that we add one.
  • 18 votes

    Player hurt sound options

    I think it would be great if people could pick there own hurt sound effect. Of course there shouldn’t be a feature to add your own due to obvious reasons but maybe instead of just the current hurt ...
  • 25 votes

    The Old Death Sounds

    Bring back the old minecraft death sounds (and some of the other ones that were taken or updated with it, like taking damage) I understand they were removed for Unisex reasons, that is why, at her ...
  • 64 votes

    Ice Cracking Sound

    Currently, breaking Ice blocks sounds the same as Glass. Ice, Packed Ice, and Blue Ice should sound something like this when broken.