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  • 462 votes

    A Biome Locate Command

    What Is Really Annoying Sometimes If I Make A World And i Want A Mushroom Island, Mesa, Mega Taiga. Any Biome I Have To Fly Or Walk To Find It If You Could Make A Biome Locate Command Then That Wou...
  • 291 votes

    kick and ban commands for bedrock version

    please add the kick and ban commands to bedrock. it is really annoying to not be able to remove players from a world when they are doing things such as excesively using profanity or destroying peop...
  • 284 votes

    /setbiome, a command that enables you to change the biome of a specific area

    /setbiome ~ ~ ~ [biome] I think this command would be really useful for mapmaking, and provides an alternative to using worldedit and things like that. This would be super useful if you wanted to c...
  • 246 votes

    /see inventory [player name]

     Allows the user of the command to accss  the player's inventory for a better way to give player items. And if you chose my command can you inport the command in the minecraft where you can play wi...
  • 219 votes

    NBT tags in custom recipes

    As a data pack and adventure map creator, I think that letting custom recipes use NBT tags would be a very important addition, especially for adventure maps. It also has been often requested by oth...
  • 160 votes

    Add the /customcommand

    The /customcommand lets you create your own command and what the command does
  • 133 votes

    A Light Command (/light)

    A /light command allows a player to create light at a certain coordinate. There is so much potential in having a command like this. It will be put like this: /light ~ ~ ~ <light level>
  • 123 votes

    Clone Update (Clone Your Self!)

    This Update Should Be In The Game So You Could Clone Your Self! You Can Give Your Clone Any Item And Weapon! Vote This PLEASE (Command: /ent_create clone {skin:             }
  • 104 votes

    /gravity Command to change gravity.

    /gravity Command, use /gravity side "west, east, south, north, up, down" "@a/@p/@s/@e/username" will change which side gravity is pulling you, use /gravity strength 0-infinity i...
  • 102 votes

    Dimension teleporter

    I think you can add a part for dimension in /tp command. I think this will be good for mapping and also when you don't need to make or find a portal. [bug portion of feedback removed, please use bu...
  • 96 votes

    Commands To Change Sky Color

    Add new Minecraft Commands to change the color of the sky in the biome,when you are in a certain biome./skycolor <color>/skycolor <color> [biome name]/skyrandomrandomly changes sky colo...
  • 88 votes

    A /freeze command

    This command, in my opinion, would be a great addition for creative Minecraft, or building. What the /freeze command would do is freeze literally everything, from the moving textures to all mobs, b...
  • 85 votes

    Custom Death Message Gamerule

    /CustomDeathMessage {BlockUpdate:Entity:Command} [Entity] . USAGE... /CustomDeathMessage /kill Command_block You died by a command_block OR /CustomDeathMessage Player Zombie You los...
  • 72 votes

    Increase clone command limit

    The command block is very helpful to every player in the game. But, in the recent updates the max number of blocks that can be filled was reduced twice! WE HAVE COMPUTERS! Not just some crappy phon...
  • 71 votes

    (Java) Fly in Survival Mode with Cheats

    Make a command in Java Edition to be able to fly in survival mode like console with host privileges or 1.5 for bedrock with /ability @s,@p,@e,@r,@a mayfly true with education Edition option turned ...
  • 66 votes

    /gamerule setExplosionDestruction <true/false>

    For some reason, TNT explosions are not considered mobGriefing, while creepers, end crystals, and fireballs do. I do know that I can simply run a repeating command block with /kill @e[type=tnt], bu...
  • 63 votes

    NBT Tags in Commands Bedrock

    Add {Unbreakable:1}, {ench:[{id:#,lvl:#},{id:#,lvl:#}]} or {Enchantments:[{id:#,lvl:#},{id:#,lvl:#}]} please mojang add that so i wont ever use universal minecraft editor.
  • 57 votes

    Localized Weather via Command

    Tornadoes, hail storms, hurricanes, wind storms, sand storms, blizzards and water spouts. These weather events can spawn naturally or be summoned in using a command. These weather events are locali...
  • 57 votes

    (Java Parity) Custom Player Heads via Command

    Add Custom Player Heads To Minecraft so we can just enter in a command with a URL and download the texture for any custom player head we that we want and let us add as many as we would like this wo...
  • 56 votes

    Summon Villagers of Choice

    /summon villager ~ ~ ~
  • 52 votes


    this would be awesome your probably thinking well you can go in creative mode well what if you want to fly but take damage as well for example you are testing something to do with mobs but you quic...
  • 50 votes

    Your Wolf Sending A Item To Another Player /wolfsend (item) (player)

    We need a way to send items to players far away and we could do this by doing the /wolfsend command. So the item your sending have to be a item you have right now and if you have a wolf do the comm...
  • 44 votes

    Choosing Sea Level

    I would love to have a command /choosesealevel that chooses the block on the Y-axis that is the top of the ocean. The default is 63 but if u wanted to make snow mountains the only land or drain the...
  • 43 votes

    Edit Player NBT

        Being able to edit player NBT would open up many options for adventure maps, you can allow players to fly, you can edit their health with perfect accuracy, you can change the player's attribute...
  • 38 votes

    Weather forecasts a rainbow

    You should be able to command a rainbow
  • 34 votes

    /setskin [Existing player ID]

    In this command in Pocket Edition, you could change your skin to any skin that exhsists in or our of the world. Like If DanTDM had a Pocket Edition acount(I don’t know if he does), in-game you cou...
  • 32 votes

    /replaceitem entity armor.head would work on mobs like the pig.

           A long time ago I was trying to make a car in minecraft. The original idea was I would get a donkey and put a block on it's head and make a custom block model for the block to turn it into a...
  • 30 votes

    Attrition: extra-difficult survival gamerule! (Micro Ideas #4)

    Hello there! My name is MacchuPicchu96, and welcome to one of my many ideas for improving Minecraft! In this post, I would like to propose a new gamerule: /attrition. While playing survival Minecra...
  • 29 votes

    A gamerule that gives you control of mobs while in spectator

    so, when we left click a mob in spectator mode, we have the ability to see what that mob sees, that is cool and all, but how interesting would be if there was a gamerule that allowed you to control...
  • 28 votes

    Summon multiple entities at once with /summon

    When ever I (and probably some of you) are making a map, you need to place lots of command blocks to summon a group of mobs (A zombie horde for example). Why not have an extension to the command /s...