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    Here to talk about the Combat Java Snapshot? Right this way!

    Hey there! Are you here to discuss the pre-release snapshots? Great! Are you here to discuss the special Java Combat Snapshot? Go here instead: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/top...
  • 34 votes

    (1.14.3) SNAPSHOT: Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.14.3 PRE3

    What about bugs, lag, or crashing issues? Please file a bug or use our Gameplay and Support Resources to find where these should go. I have a brand new idea or feature! Please be sure to add sugges...
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    (1.14.3 PRE) Removing Recipes

    Dear Mojang... In the 1.14.3 pre release they added the repair tools with crafting back, And I think it and a few other recipes should be removed. So I think that the ability to make stairs, slabs,...
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    (1.14.3) Changing despawning mechanic

    Could you change the despawning mechanic in Minecraft since it's impossible to make an iron farm without nametag while name tag is a rare item so you could try changing the mechanic like when the m...
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    Bell Mechanics for Minecraft (Java 1.14.3 pre4)

    Dear Mojang. Please try to include the operation of the bell with redstone, which is currently included in the bedrock edition v1.11.4 Thanks for your attention.