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  • 34 votes

    (19W02A) Welcome to the Java Edition Snapshots Category!

    Please read this first:  To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab. Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or r...
  • 178 votes

    (18W46A) Illusioner illager in patrols!

    The illusioner illager could be a good addition to the pillager patrol, maybe he can be a rare spawn that replaces the beast sometimes
  • 147 votes

    [18w43a] Wither Roses should spawn in the Nether.

    The Wither Roses are great but are hard to get. They fit the aesthetic of the Nether and would add something to the dull terrain of the Nether.
  • 126 votes

    (18W43B) Wither Rose Potion

    I think that the wither rose should be able to brew into a Withering Potion, or as it’s called in Bedrock, the potion of Decay. I know we sort of already have this with suspicious stew, but we aren...
  • 59 votes

    (18W43B) Crossbow Fireworks

    i'd like to see the fireworks in the crossbow explode on impact this would make them more fun and usefull i think this is balanced because fireworks are'nt super easy to get and there also needed i...
  • 39 votes

    (18W43B) New things tab

    Can you make a tab in the creative menu that shows all new things in the snapshots
  • 36 votes

    (18W45A) Reduce Pillager patrol spawn rate or add some kind of defense for the villages

     I think that Pillager raids happen way too often in the new snapshot and they appear in almost every village I find immediately. This can be pretty bad for players that spawn next to a village or ...
  • 27 votes

    (18W43C) Crossbow changes

    Crossbows should be able to use some regular bow enchantments like infinity. Agree? Make sure u check out my other posts
  • 25 votes

    (18W43A) Dye crafting consistency (from flowers)

    Now that white dye is introduced to the game, it seems weird that white tulips can be crafted into light grey dye. Currently, only the lily of the valley flower can be crafted into white dye. It wo...
  • 23 votes

    (18w46a) Toggleable, Waterloggable Lanterns

    I've been playing with the new lanterns - they have a lot of unique features and will make a great alternative to torches for a lot of builds! I think it would be interesting if they could be switc...
  • 23 votes

    (18W43B) Signs

    I love the option for new signs, but the writing hurts my eyes. Maybe make the text a little less bright. 
  • 21 votes

    (18W47B) crossbows shooting fire charges

    I really like what the Trident has brought to the game, and while I am playing the 1.14.0 snapshot I really liked the crossbow also. While I was messing around and reading the change log, I saw tha...
  • 19 votes

    (18W50A) Bells should ring if hit by arrows

    This has been the first thing i have tried to do after have downloaded the last snapshot, and it didn't worked.Maybe will be totally unuseful, but for sure is funny! Simple, you hit a bell with an ...
  • 19 votes

    (18W43C) Leads can attach to bamboos

    Leads should be able to attach to bamboos, just as they can attach to fences.
  • 18 votes

    (18W46A) Put lanterns on walls

    I believe we should be able to put lanterns on the walls, and have a sort of hook that appears when you hang it on the wall.
  • 18 votes

    (18W43B) Additional Blocks/Walls (was: 1.14 Suggestions/Improvements)

    Even though I absolutely love the new 18w43b snapshot, I think there should be a few more changes to make everyone happy. First of all, why aren't there the other blocks included in the wall and st...
  • 17 votes

    (18W43B) Make bamboo leaves spread out more

    This is a minor qualm, but as someone who grew up with invasive bamboo in my yard, I feel the current model for the fully grown version does not do it justice. The leaves should spread out further-...
  • 17 votes

    (18W43B) How could crossbow be improved?

    I. LOVE. MINECRAFT. That's what I could say non-stop for 10 days without getting bored(Probably die of suffocation though). Minecraft is massive, so it has tons of stuff in it. Most of them are, ju...
  • 14 votes

    (18w46a) Allow lanterns to connect/be placed on iron bars+glass panes

    Allow lanterns to connect/be placed on iron bars+glass panes. (image of what they might look like.  Lanterns placed with commands.)
  • 14 votes

    (18w43c) Dispensers should place blocks

     In the first snapshot of minecraft 1.14, they added the ability to shear sheeps through dispensers if th sheep is next to the dispenser and the dispenser has shears in it. Well honestly I think th...
  • 14 votes

    (18W43B) Crafting Suspicious stew

    I believe if you put a mushroom stew and a flower in a crafting table you should get suspicious stew. This would allow us to use mushroom stew from mooshrooms in the recipe instead of having to get...
  • 14 votes

    (18W43B) Milking cows with dispensers

    Now that sheep can be sheared with dispensers, cows should be able to be milked by a dispenser. If there is an empty bucket in a dispenser and a cow in front of it it should milk it. 
  • 13 votes

    (18W43B) Creative menu revision

    With all the new blocks I feel that all the blocks that are based on another (ex. Oak wood, stairs, slabs, doors, wood, striped wood) Should be next to each other I can see how have all slabs or st...
  • 12 votes

    [19w02a] Improve the height of the campfire block on a hay bale

    Campfire block smoke signal isn't high enough. You can't see it behind a hill for example. I think it should be around 40 block high (instead of 22), or even more. In real life, smoke signals are r...
  • 12 votes

    (18W43B) Bubble columns/waterlogged block request

    Finish adding the waterlogged blocks that exist in the bedrock edition. Make it so bubble columns can pass through certain blocks like Iron bars, Glass panes, Wooden signs, Item frames, Ladders, Fe...
  • 11 votes

    (18W50A) Bells & Redstone

    I like the addition of bells into the new Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot. I think that Bells should be able to be activated by Redstone. For example, when you stand on a pressure plate, the bell s...
  • 11 votes

    (18W43B) Arrows Through iron bars

    I think it would make a lot of sense for arrows to be able to go through iron bars. That is a feature on some hypixel games, and I think that it would be really cool to see that in Minecraft too. (...
  • 11 votes

    (18W43A) Smooth Stone Stairs

    As far as i love the new stairs, slabs and walls, i think there is one thing missing. Our all beloved smooth stone slab and smooth stone block should get their one stairs, thats my only wish. ^^
  • 10 votes

    (18W43B) Crossbow multi-shot suggestion

    Change the multi-shot enchantment so it has 5 levels and with each level you gain an additional bolt and greater degree of attack spread.
  • 9 votes

    (18W50A) Drinking milk & Bad Omen

    In 18w47a, they added the status effect: Bad Omen. It can be obtained by killing a pillager leader with a banner and it will cause raids to happen if you step into a village. However this effect ca...