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  • 2 votes

    Old Villagers

    With the Village and Pillage update coming out in Q1 2019, villagers and villages are going to get a COMPLETE OVERHAUL! They will look very different from the villagers and villages we know and lov...
  • 2 votes

    Villager Leader

    There should be a way in which a leader in the village could help all the villagers. He could tell them what to attack and he should have twice as much health. If you right click on him you can cho...
  • 5 votes

    Trainable Villager

    So when the pillager and beast also zombie and husk attack villager can fight them,come on add this to village and pillage Update
  • 4 votes


    Villagers needed to run away from pillagers.
  • 6 votes

    Villagers should run inside when around pillagers

    I was playing around with the new snapshot and noticed that villagers dont do anything about the pillagers, they dont run or hide, they just stare as they die. I think  that they should either run ...
  • 4 votes

    Pillager combat needs adjustment

    I hold myself as a pretty decent pve guy but when I grabbed gear that I would expect a new player to have I could not even get close to beating the pillager. and he fired his crossbow so fast that ...
  • 2 votes

    The midnight mob

    The midnight mob varies in 5 different looks, 1.The armor stand humanoid looks just like an armor stand and moves like a skeleton, the armor stand mob fights with an iron hoe, can ride phantoms. 2,...
  • 11 votes


    Humans would be a new… mob…. Humans are not like villagers and share a model with steve and Alex, so they can have slim or fat arms. They are usually found out and about hunting to survive. They se...
  • 5 votes

    Villager Spreads

    Personally, I like to live in villages and even expand them into cities in creative mode. The problem is that villagers will cluster in one spot of the village instead of mingling throughout it. I ...
  • 3 votes

    Pickpocket (hostile mob)

    'Pickpocket' (fake name, of course) is a hostile mob. It can pass through walls, and quite transparent(not 100%, of course). When it passes through a player, 'pickpocket' steals one or several item...
  • 16 votes

    Stronger Villagers

    Villagers are very smart mobs! - Trades - Socialize - Farms - Communicate - Hides in the Night - (Will) Have Schedules (in the next update) *Why?* But their most reliable sources of defense are I...
  • 2 votes

    Zombie Villagers Nametags

    Ok so here is the short story, I left my game AFK for about five minutes and later my entire 5 villager village was infected and turned into zombies. Luckily, I happened to have a splash potion of ...
  • 12 votes

    Pillagers Burn Down Buildings

    The new pillagers were anounced at minecon 2018, and I think that they should be able to wolololo like the evokers and summon flames and catch villagers houses on fire. This could also catch villag...
  • 3 votes

    Village Elder Role

    If you help and porteaction the village the villager well make you them's elder If you new the elder of villagers the villagers well make for you houses and help you in caving and more thinks
  • 7 votes

    Biome-specific trades and villager professions

    With the Village&Pillage Update, villages, villagers and the trading system will be changed and updated. The villages will have a biome-specific architecture and the villagers will have biome-s...
  • 5 votes

    Snowy Biome Villagers/Snow Clearing

    For the village and pillage update, on bedrock edition I think Villagers living in snowy biomes should clear snow in a 20 blocks radius around there spawn area if the snow piles up higher than a sl...
  • 9 votes

    Villagers should sleep

    Whenever it is night time villagers should fall asleep, but they will wake up during attacks. it's simple but it might make them feel more alive because now they never sleep.
  • 8 votes

    Killagers: New type of [x]llages

    I know its may sound kinda stupid but after mincon w/ the upcoming village&pillage update i want the villagers themself to have more protection beside iron golems which are great but not spawn ...
  • 5 votes

    The Prismarine Golem

    I think we need a new Golem for Minecraft. Since we recently have the Update Aquatic, what about an Underwater Golem? It is created like an Iron Golem, but with Prismarine instead. It is like the n...
  • 5 votes

    Pillagers, Villagers, Witches and other variants should be able to climb ladders

    Pillagers, Villagers, Witches and other variants like Vindicators should be able to climb ladders
    needs info
  • 6 votes

    Villager specific homes

    Villagers would hide to their own specific homes at night, and only harvest from their own farms
  • 4 votes

    Players turn into Drowned mob on death

    With the introduction of the new "Drowned" mob. What if when players die by drowning they turn into a "Drowned" that is either the same or slightly harder than the normal "...
  • 6 votes

    compañeros humanos

    esta es una idea la cual le daria mas historia a minecraft y es que estos compañeros te los encontrarias muy raras veces a los cuales tu podrias hacer tus amigos en total podrian ser 5 o incluso ma...
  • 15 votes

    Curing Zombie Pigmen

    The pigmen are a long forgotten mob in Minecraft, but I think they should be re-added. In Minecraft when you use the method of curing zombie villagers on a zombie pigman, it should convert back to ...
  • 8 votes

    Adding hireable warriors

    Warriors are a nutrule mob that attacks aggressive mobs (not creepers unless holding a bow). thay can spawn with a weapon and or armor. thay can be hired (tamed) whith gold and are spawed with a na...
  • 7 votes

    the shadow

    i always wanted a mob at night time in forests that uses night to advantage you can notice by glowing white eyes (nothing to do with herobrine) and if it hits you blindness for 5 secs only, the sha...
  • 3 votes

    Skeleton Villagers

     There should be skeleton villagers if a villager dies on Halloween it has a 100% chance of becoming a skeleton villager 
  • 0 votes

    Behavior of the servants

    If one ore more players arrive at an uninhabited forest property, the servants may surround the player(s) and take them to a portal into which the player(s) are pushed. There, the player(s) land in...
  • 3 votes

    The Highwayman Illager

    Picture: The Highwayman is a new Illager type, similar to Vindicators in behavior. He wears red pants, and a black mask around his eyes. They can spawn with almost a...
  • 7 votes


    Helper: Once a building with a bed with a tag marked helper1, helper2, est. is made.  A villager can be hired and given simple jobs, like build house, that match one that is already made.  Cut wood...