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    (Start Here) What is this category about?

    What is considered a humanoid? Humanoids are Mobs that walk on two feet and walk and somewhat act like a Human. This category is for feedback regarding the following mobs, and suggestions that fall...
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  • 22 votes

    Learn With GOLEMS

    Golems Golems are safe to say useless. Although they help villagerss they need an upgrade maybe have a setting where you can make friends with them and talk back, this could help teach your younger...
  • 32 votes

    How to Implement the Illusioner into the game

    The Illusioner is a pretty cool mob, in fact, it's one of the best mobs, but it's at risk of disappearing from the game. In contrast to that, I decided to come up with my own ideas for the Illusion...
  • 61 votes

    Stronghold Mob: The Sentry

    Strongholds are one of the coolest overworld structures, but it feels like a poor lead-up to the End and the dragon boss fight when you have to confront a bunch of pesky little silverfish.  The who...
  • 38 votes

    Add Living Pigmen Tribes (edited)

    You should add living pigmen variants not as villagers or traders (the original, failed concept), but as warriors (like their zombie counterparts) that spawn in wool tent camps in plains, tundras, ...
  • 14 votes

    A flying wither skeleton

    um I think a flying wither skeleton is a good idea because it may challenge the players to do harder things like betting the Ender Dragon.
  • 44 votes

    Reform villager trades and trading mechanics (In-depth Ideas #9)

    Hello there! My name is MacchuPicchu96, and I’ve been playing survival Minecraft for five years now. I have quite a few different ideas to share on this forum, but there are a couple of principles ...