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  • 73 votes

    Underwater Villagers (Gillagers)

    Besides villagers or the famous Illagers I think they should have underwater villagers also known as the Gillagers (get it? Gill/Villagers)
    needs info
  • 68 votes

    Miner villager, Redstone Engineer villager (was: New types of villagers.)

    Maybe like the miner villager or the redstone engineer. Or maybe the builder villager from the modern decorations addon.
    needs info
  • 20 votes


    u can do evry thig that spidrman can do  
    needs info
  • 6 votes

    The Ill

    The Illagers are truely ill, things like vindicators are literally insane, but how? Perhaps if villagers are in a light level of seven or less for 10 or 15 in game days then they become insane, tur...
    needs info