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  • 14 votes

    Aggro tag for Golems (was: New Golem Tag)

    Golems should have a new tag {Aggro:true}. This tag should make the golem attack the player as if the player hit it. The golem should behave normal outside of wanting to attack the player.
  • 10 votes

    Easier detection

    There should be easier ways to test for things like if a player is sneaking, or if they are looking down. This could be used in as a selector (example: @p[looking=down,crouching=true]) to make it e...
  • 21 votes

    String type for '/execute store' command

    The title says it all.Currently (as of Minecraft 1.13-pre2) it is possible to use the '/execute store result' command to copy values from one data-source to another. This is only possible with the ...
  • 15 votes

    NoCloud tag

    Invisible Creepers are useful when you want to make something explode without using tnt, because you can alter the explosion strength of a Creeper and you can't do it with tnt. However, one annoyin...
  • 17 votes

    (Giant Zombie Command) Comando del zombie gigante

    Podrian poner el comando del zombi gigante para los telefonos como esta en pc seria genial si lo pusieran como para mapas de supervivencia o aventura  
  • 6 votes

    Execute command (was: Command)

    /execute if pig facing something do setblock ~ ~ ~1 redstone_block tooo confusing  /execute @e[type=pig] ~ ~ ~ /Effect @e[type=pig] speed 255 255
  • 28 votes

    "set_skullowner" loot table function - Automatically give player heads!

    This would be a way to automatically assign player_head items using loot table without having to put in individual names of players. This loot table entry would look something like this: {"typ...
  • 15 votes

    Scoreboard and player input detection

    (I know scoreboard features are on the way, and that's super exciting!) One thing I've always wanted is a way to detect player inputs via command blocks / redstone. For example, there could be a sc...
  • 33 votes

    New data for datapack : Command (Custom Commands)

    Hey! With the 1.13 and the addition of datapacks, the number of possibilities for map makers or simply datapack makers has been greatly increased. But with these many additions a lack begins in my ...
  • 17 votes

    Spawn rules, underwater builds (was: Sea animal problem)

    whenever I try to build a swimming pool, squids and fish always spawn in, why not make a game rule like canSpawn=Squid true/false, so we can adjust and change spawn rules so our underwater builds, ...
  • 26 votes

    "infinite" vertical space via cubic chunks

    You could integrate the cubic chunks mod in vanilla, or if the mod creator refuses, replicate it's chunk format.
  • 314 votes

    in-game mod downloader

    if minecraft had a in-game mod downloader it shall be much easyier to download mods   (and a mod maker section shall be fun ;p)
    needs info
  • 9 votes

    Replace /fill with /delete functionality (was: /delete)

    /delete allows you to delete blocks on a certain coordinate. This would replace /fill ~ ~ ~ air. Examples: Drop block and delete: /delete ~ ~ ~ keep true Delete without dropping: /delete ~ ~ ~ Dele...
  • 10 votes

    /detect @ ~ ~ ~

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could use Command Blocks to detect what players do and within a certain aria? Imagine the possibilities. You'r making a parcore map and you want players to be able to be a...
  • 376 votes

    Console mods/Mods on Console

    I think this is something that everyone on console wants. So first you gave us the ability to play servers on console now it is time for the next step. Add mods. I am sure I am not the only one who...
  • 9 votes

    Selective application for {/gamerule ~ ~ ~} / {/gamemode ~ ~ ~}

    We should have the option to be able to control where the "/gamerule" and "/gamemode" commands would and would not apply. This would especially be useful for Server applications...
  • 4 votes

    blockdate get and set for chests

    on this moment you can get and set blockdata. but you cant get and set the inventory of a chest this use will be great for giving players the items a chest contains
  • 16 votes

    /size Command to change your size.

    /size Command use /size set 1-infinity counting 1.5 and stuff "@a/@p/@s/@e/username" to change your size, use /size reset "@a/@p/@s/@e/username" to set your size back to normal,...
  • 12 votes

    playerdata command

    Allow /data merge and /execute store commands to target players.
  • 13 votes

    Inverted Command Blocks

    As Most Of Us Know We Have A Conditianal State for command blocks and an unconditianal state. But it would make things a lot easier if we had inverted command blocks. Inverted command blocks work l...
  • 10 votes

    Coral on Land

    This would be a gamerule in Minecraft that allows you to set true/false whether or not coral can be placed on land without it dying. “/gamerule landcoral true”
  • 7 votes

    /customitem command to add items via resource packs

    This would be syntaxed something like "/customitem [durability] [attackdamage] [NBT]. I.e. /customitem sword 1500 9 {Recipe:emeraldsword.json,ChestLoot:1,rarity:100}. Basically the way you wo...
  • 15 votes

    Items Tag "Inconsumable"

    Simply make the item inconsumable like in creative mode. allow to infinitely place blocks, consume infinite items without them been used and leave your inventory. NBT tag does not affect any item t...
  • 5 votes

    Editable Base Durability and Mining Level Attributes

    I would really like to have the ability to change how much base durability an item gets as well as a pickaxe's "tier" (wood, stone, iron, etc) as an attribute. Being able to change what b...
  • 15 votes

    In-game screen changer commands

    /screen (screen type) or /screen mob (mob type)                                              Screen types would include: Upside_down Old_TV Black_and_white Inverted_color Sideway Darker Brighter U...
  • 13 votes

    Home (and set home) (was: having a command for survival non cheat players)

    /home and /sethome. /sethome would set the home /home would teleport you their
  • 21 votes

    add bossbars to mobs

    with the new boss bar command from 1.13 snapshots there is a problem with it to me one you can only set values and cant add to current value and two you cant give a boss bar to a mob to display its...
  • 6 votes

    new entity selectors

    what about being able to select a player for example that has said /example in chat that would make it vary easy and simple to create custom commands like /hub and stuff like that in vanilla minecraft
  • 11 votes

    Spawn mobs and entities with different health levels.

     /summon Zombie ~ ~ ~[HPset(9)] this would add more flexibility to map makers.
  • 141 votes

    Macros folder in data or behavior packs to define "new" blocks, items, and entities

    Macros are shortcut names for existing blocks, items, and entities with specific tags or block states. The data/(namespace)/macros/ folder in a data pack contains three subfolders: blocks/, items/,...