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  • 154 votes

    (Start Here) Welcome to the Scripting and Mods (formerly Creator Tools) Feedback Area

    We've split up the commands, scripting and mods, and add ons category! Please be sure you get your thread in the right place. This is a new section dedicated to scripting and modding. Let's hear th...
  • 1 vote

    I Need the Datapack

    Hey Mojang I need the data pack for Minecraft PE Want to do like PC. Please I need for Making in my style Please please please.
  • 0 votes

    Mod Platform for Console

    I would like to suggest, as many previous users have, a console mod platform similar to that of Fallout. I can see many benefits from such an introduction, for example the gap between console and P...
  • 0 votes

    Server scripting API player list and player join events

    Theres no way currently to get players unless they break or place stuff and it seems like a really odd restriction that prevents a lot of stuff
  • 1 vote


    Could you please add mods to console. I have an idea for how it could be done. There could be a tab in the main menu that's says mods and when you press it it brings you to a screen where you can u...
  • 1 vote

    Allow us to setblocks in shapes (Scripting/API)

    I'd like a way to allow us to set blocks in shapes in the scripting API for the Bedrock Edition.Example: Fill and or set blocks in complex block shapes such as Spheres, Cuboids, Lines, Cylinders, C...
  • 0 votes

    Advancement criteria trigger "minecraft:parent_completed"

    In their current state "advancements" aren't actually advancements - You can just skip the predecessor in the advancement tree and therefore there is no actual "advancing". I un...
  • 51 votes

    Add @~

    We all know that @p is really complicated especially in multiplayer maps, so I suggest adding @~ that will work only in chain blocks, it will target the entity targeted by the previous command, if ...
  • 6 votes

    New /execute selectors, /keydetect

    I propose a few new selectors that would make /execute so much easier for maps and other stuff. I do not know all of the /execute selectors so some of these might already exist. 1. dimension: this ...
  • 13 votes

    Entity tag (and more tags globally)

    Since now there are tags for blocks, items, fluids and functions, why not for entities? It would be useful, for example if you want to check if a mob is an undead, you could check this with a tag, ...
  • 5 votes

    Resource pack fallback

    Remove the resource pack fallback feature, as it is annoying when one is trying to make a hi def resource pack.
  • 104 votes

    Importing Mods

    PLEASE add the ability to import mod from pc  
  • 1 vote

    Why not continue to improve the Script Engine?

    I have something to say: I was really looking forward to Script Engine before it was released. But in recent updates to Minecraft, I found that there was less and less content about Script Engine. ...
  • 26 votes

    "infinite" vertical space via cubic chunks

    You could integrate the cubic chunks mod in vanilla, or if the mod creator refuses, replicate it's chunk format.
  • 2 votes

    Custom Sky-boxes for each biome/dimension

    It would be really nice for mapmaking if we could have sky-boxes. The only way to use them in Minecraft is either with mods (such as Optifine) or to use the End sky-box (which isn't too useful due ...
  • 137 votes

    Macros folder in data or behavior packs to define "new" blocks, items, and entities

    Macros are shortcut names for existing blocks, items, and entities with specific tags or block states. The data/(namespace)/macros/ folder in a data pack contains three subfolders: blocks/, items/,...
  • 0 votes

    UUID field added to certain block types

    Im not sure this should be in structure or gameplay. But I think it affects more about gameplay. A lot of potential game changing ideas can come about and solve many current issues with minecraft i...
  • 309 votes

    in-game mod downloader

    if minecraft had a in-game mod downloader it shall be much easyier to download mods   (and a mod maker section shall be fun ;p)
    needs info
  • 0 votes


    اقترح أن يكون اللاعب قادرًا على وضع الفانوس تحت قضبان الحديد
  • 1 vote

    Multiple Mods Folders

    If you wanted to play mods on 1.12.2 for example you can only play mods for 1.12.2, and if you wanted to play mods for 1.7.10 also you couldn't because there is only a single mods folder. I am not ...
  • 9 votes

    Node-based visual scripting

    RequestAn offical software for the Minecraft Scripting API with a node-based interface. What is visual scripting?On Wikipedia, a Visual Programming Language is described as "any programming la...
  • 6 votes

    OpenUI command (was: New command to open UI)

    I had kinda come up with this on the fly, but, this command would be made to open UIs from anything within the game. "/openui <target> <ui_type> <data/access/varient/varient_acc...
  • 0 votes

    .mcfunction on console?

    i want to use a .mcfunction file for something in my world but i play on nintendo switch, so i have no way of accessing external files (Bedrock)
  • 2 votes

    Mods for console. like Hexxit Tekkit Pixelmon

    Me and my friends and probably many other people out there would like to play mods such as Hexxit, luckyblock, tekkit and pixelmon. :) can this may be a thing. :)
  • 19 votes

    Ability to Save and Load Data With Scripts

    It would be nice if there was a way to save and load data that isn't related to something already in the game. Use cases include:   -Creating a Bloodmoon type event (Or any in-game event) and then ...
  • 1 vote

    Begginer mods.

    Begginer mods are simple mods that you get right after booting up the game. Works in all versions. 
  • 1 vote

    [Java Edition] Allow function tags in Advancement rewards

    Looking at https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Advancements#JSON_Format, it does not show that the "function" field within the advancement reward JSON object support function tags. After I te...
  • 85 votes

    Mod library / workshop

    A library where you can download and manage the mods you want to use. People can upload their own mods, a comentary section on each mod page too, to report bugs and give feedback, for example.
  • 1 vote

    Mods for console (using micro SD cards)

    Who else agrees i think this would work out pretty well!
    needs info
  • 113 votes

    Disable individual mobs from spawning

    Currently you have two options in Minecraft; play with monsters, or without them and wolves etc. What if you could disable individual mobs from spawning? Like this: /gamerule doMobSpawning Creepe...