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  • 23 votes

    (Start Here) Our Community Team wants your feedback!

    Here are some great starter ideas to get your mind going: Livestreams (wait, we have a featured topic for that - have you contributed yet?) MINECON (feel free to make threads specific to parts of ...
  • 4 votes

    Event Suggestion

    Hi I have an idea for an event that would happen at least once a year: "Minecraft Oscars". The Idea is that every year you reward the top content creators with some sort of Oscar, Minecra...
  • 0 votes

    Add Your Mob Competition

    How This Competition Would Work: Ask the Community to send in new fantasy mob Ideas that they alone have created, (So no real-life mobs, and try to avoid mobs taken off of mods.) All Valid Entries ...
  • 5 votes

    (MINECON Vote) biome vote like the one at minecon 2018

    So we had a biome chooser votein 2018 about voting on either desert,savana,or taiga. tiaga won. so its going to be updated first. so there are some empty biome like mountains, swamp, and mesa. so w...
  • 1 vote

    Can we get an AMA or a Q&A from the developers

    I'd like to see a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" or a live Q&A from the developers some time. There's so many questions that I think need answers, like for example have they forgotten about...
  • 5 votes

    (MINECON Voting) Official Minecraft Mobile App

    Official Minecraft Mobile App for browsing the site & Minecon Vote etc, I think it would be the best option if there was a mobile app for the yearly Minecon Vote, since not everyone has Twitter...
  • 11 votes

    (Minecon Vote) Mod choosing every year

    This idea is choosing mods every Minecon, the ten mods that are the most voted ones they will be added to Minecraft, there will be an option to select the mods, that way we can play with mods every...
  • 2 votes

    (MINECON) Minecon Feedback

    Hello there! I’ve been inactive lately. Sorry! Well, I watched MINECON! It was amazing! Every idea was pretty neat! Here is some feedback.   Villagers fighting pillagers: is this a thing? Ah.... um...
  • 18 votes

    (MINECON) Twitch mods during minecon earth

    During minecon earth the twitch mods set the room to one month follower only mode during most of the livestream including the village and pillage announcement. This limited our ability to react in ...
  • 10 votes

    (MINECON) MineconEarth Cape Giveaway

    Hi, I am going to keep it short and simple. Minecon Earth ended and as last year no capes where given out. I think that a way to distribute capes in such a way that everyone has a chance but only a...
  • 2 votes

    MCTeam MINECON video

    Vote to have the official mcteam to do a video for minecon earth
  • 7 votes

    (MINECON) Cape Easter Egg hunt

    With the new MineCon Earth Livestream, capes for the majority have disappeared.  Although it's obvious why capes can't be used anymore, here's an idea for future implementation of them.  (No worrie...
  • 16 votes

    official minecraft server for events

    this place can be used as a event place for minecon earth and minecon (or simply a fun minigame hub) so people from other countrys can attend it without traveling there. i think this should be adde...
  • 2 votes

    Listen to suggestions on Minecraft Forums and Reddit

    Minecraft Forums and Reddit are the largest Minecraft communities you can find in the internet and these communities have their own places to discuss about Minecraft future updates. I think it's wi...
  • 1 vote

    April Fool's Suggestion

    For April fools in 2019 make everones skin a pug. Simular to the villager skin prank on april fools.
  • 2 votes

    Minecon Tour ?

    Hi there ~ I don’t know very much about minecon ; how much it costs , and where it is , but wouldn’t it be cool if they did a tour around the US or even A World Tour!!? You could get exclusive pack...
  • 7 votes

    (Minecoins or Cape) Rewards for hosting a minecon earth party

    I think that some people who host minecon earth parties should get rewards for hosting a party, such as a 500 Minecraft coins redemption code, or, depending on how many people host minecon parties,...
  • 6 votes

    Minecoin redeem event (was: Add an event)

    add an event to minecraft that you can redeem 1,000 minecoins in Augest!
  • 8 votes

    MINECON Earth game (was: minecon earth idea)

    what if minecon earth was hosted on a minecon game mad by the developers?  you could make a minecon earth game for every one who has pad for minecraft of any type and people that join have voting s...
  • 6 votes

    Holiday Events

    Minecraft should celebrate more holidays than just Christmas and Halloween. Things like Easter and Thanksgiving would be a fun addition to the game.
  • 2 votes

    MINECON location suggestions (was: Idea for Minecon parties in Abania)

    Hello Minecraft i wanted to ask you something about Minecon parties 2018.I am the BIGGEST fan of Minecarft in Albania so i was wondering if you can bring Minecon parties in Albania plaese try your ...
  • 43 votes

    Minecraft Rewind.

    I think you guys should make a thing like what Youtube does for Youtube Rewind. I think you should research what the community does every year, and make a "Minecraft Rewind" for everythin...
  • 15 votes

    Community Challenges

    This comes from a viewer suggestion from the Official Minecraft Livestream following a Aquatic Challenge set by Minecraft to place 10Million coral blocks and they will donate $100,000 to a nature/c...
  • 28 votes

    (MINECON) Minecon Earth 2018 Skin Pack Idea

    Minecraft bedrock should get an exclusive cape for minecon 2018 in a free skin pack like the minecon 2016 skin pack, this skin pack should only include the cape on steve, alex, the steve and alex v...
  • 10 votes

    Dia de Los Muertos event

    I think that there should be a Dia de Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) event. Around the time of this holiday, spirits start appearing, and it is possible to use an ofrenda for going to The Land of Th...
  • 69 votes

    (Implementation idea) MINECON Earth Capes

    MINECON capes have always been a super cool perk to show that you attended the event, but now with MINECON Earth, it's harder to do that. While the livestream is online, there should be a temporary...
  • 8 votes

    MINECON Voting Methods

    few people who play Minecraft also have twitter so here are a few ideas: -Built into the actual game  -Minecraft.net -separate dedicated website -combination of these
  • 15 votes

    (MINECON) Event Livestream

    We want to know all of your thoughts, suggestions, etc. on what we should do for future MINECONS. What would YOU like to see?  Let's start this discussion with the MINECON livestream. Feel free to ...
  • 10 votes

    (April/May 2018) Featured Topic: Livestreams

    We want all show suggestions for the official livestreams (Twitch.tv/Minecraft & Mixer.com/Minecraft) Do you like the shows now? What should we do more of? What should we do less of? All sugges...