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  • 1082 votes

    The Super Duper Thread

    This is the thread devoted to feedback on existing previews that have been released regarding the graphics pack known as “Super Duper”. We're in the process of rewriting the graphics pipeline to ma...
  • 115 votes

    Minecraft's New Textures (Open for V3!)

    Update: 24 April 2019 Good news for those of you looking for options! Classic textures are available as a free pack on the Marketplace.   (
  • 57 votes

    (Start Here) Welcome to our Graphics Feedback Area

    Share your thoughts on graphics issues like lighting, textures, and effects related to graphics. Custom skins and animations are also popular topics for this category.  If you are discussing how an...
  • 2 votes

    Bedrock Edition Subtitle

    Bedrock Edition not having a subtitle can be confusing for some people. we have Minecraft Java Edition and just Minecraft? just add the subtitle please. It looks so much nicer.
  • 0 votes

    (Bedrock) GUI textures

    so in Minecraft bedrock edition a lot of GUI textures work with nine slices, which can be altered by editing a json file.but I have found that for the main interface buttons you don't have a json f...
  • 1 vote

    Underground specific Villager outfits

    I am a big fan of building my own underground villages, and with the 1.14 it is MUCH easier to do so. I think that there should be an underground outfit for the villagers. (There is a seperate post...
  • 5 votes

    Bring back the experience bar texture from before 0.16.0 (Boss Update)

    In 0.16.0, the experience bar texture was changed for an unknown reason. I don't think it should have changed because it broke parity with Java/Console and doesn't fit that well in the game. It sho...
  • 0 votes

    Tropical Fish Colors

    please give the tropical fish their colors back on Minecraft 1.15 Xbox One i want their colors back, i also want to know why you gave the tropical fish one random color and the other color is alway...
  • 1 vote

    Terracotta blocks should tessalate

    Each colour terracotta block tessellates with itself to create patterns of four blocks. Several share similar colours and shapes. If each tessalated with one or two other colours of terracota block...
  • 2 votes

    More fluid/natural animations for mobs (no joints)

    I saw the recent gameplay trailer for Minecraft: Dungeons, and while I understand that adding joints to mobs limbs is not an option, Dungeons doesn't have any extra joints, but the animation of mob...
  • 1 vote

    (Bedrock Edition) Update the inventory models for chests/ender chests

    Bedrock Edition still uses the very old model for chests and ender chests in the inventory. It's inconsistent with the model used when it is placed and it would be nice to have it updated.
  • 3 votes

    Biome Specific Wandering trader/llama textures

    The Wandering trader and his Lama should get exclusive textures for each biome the village he Is assigned to like ( a trader and his lama in a Desert village he has  bright cloths )
  • 3 votes

    Villager Skin Colours

    I think that with the new villager clothes texture it would only make sense for them to also add different coloured skins for villagers, depending on their biomes. This is a texture pack made by u/...
  • 2 votes

    Coarse Dirt Texture Should Rotate When Placed

    Other soil textures like dirt and sand have a random orientation when placed.  Coarse dirt does not rotate randomly when placed so when it is used in a large area it looks unnatural because some of...
  • 1 vote

    Re-texture TNT

    As far as I know, the TNT block is the only block that contains text in its texture (besides 'technically' the Enchanting Table, and Signposts). Not to mention that the 'N' looks really weird in th...
  • 1 vote

    make painted shields transparent

    Remove the dark filament of painted shields this is a fully transparent shields  
  • 1 vote

    Texture variated enchanted books

    I've spent a while sorting through books, and its quite hard to sort them out. Is there a way to possibly have a texture or indicator to show what book it is on first glance? I know this can also g...
  • 1 vote

    The simple graphics

    Litterally a texture pack like the plastic one. But better and smooth.
  • 0 votes

    (Food) Chicken needs wings

    Raw and cooked chicken should have wings. Why does it not? Here’s some concept art:
  • 5 votes

    Villagers swimming

    I think that villagers should know how to swim since they are the closest thing to the player (besides herobrine lol) Drowned even know how to swim and they are supposed to be dumber than villagers
  • 2 votes

    Nitwits should have sheep eyes

    It would make them look dumer
  • 4 votes

    A special grumpy cat skin for cats

    In honour of grumpy cat, a grumpy cat skins should be added to the game. Make it so that the player has to apply it onto the cat with an item for it to get the skin.
  • 5 votes

    Way to add Void Fog back

    They should add Void Fog back, but make it so it only appears in low light levels. This way it doesn't mess with any player's builds.   I would love to see it return at some point.
  • 2 votes

    Villager Nose Animation

    Villager, Wandering Trader, Pillager, Vindicator, Evoker, and Illusioner noses do not wiggle like the Witches nose possesses. Please add that function to all Big-noses entities.
  • 1 vote

    Old player movement in grass and water

    I think it would be cool if Mojang added a bit of classic to the (almost) 10-year old Minecraft. Add back the old walking animation when traveling through 1 block deep water, 1 block high grass or ...
  • 0 votes

    Give dead mobs a animation when generating

    When zombies and skeletons spawn it should make an animation like they're getting out of the ground
  • 5 votes

    Alex's Armor

    Hello! i want to talk about the armor in minecraft. it's about the graphics. right there is think called "slim model"? (Alex model) so.. if you put armor on, in slim/Alex model, you get a...
  • 1 vote

    Modern Villagers Outfits for Modern Builders

    Some of us like to build modern. After the 1.14 update, we'll be living in an apartment with people wearing straw hats and ripped clothing. There should be an option for our modern builders, just l...
  • 1 vote

    Horses need to be made smooth again

    Ever since the Minecraft 1.9 update, riding horses has not been smooth anymore in Minecraft. Please go back to version 1.8.9 or earlier to see the difference and please bring this back. Horses used...
  • 5 votes

    Shields patterns resolution

    Shield patterns have half the resolution of banners, making the patterns on them look quite different, which can mess with designs in some cases. So the resolution should be increased, so that a de...