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  • 390 votes

    (Start Here) Unblock your creativity!

    Here are types of feedback posts you're likely to find in this area: suggestions for new types of blocks ways to improve existing tools new things that can be made from existing things (think diff...
  • 1339 votes

    More types of plants / trees

    Hi ! I feel like minecraft is lacking in typoes of plants you can find, there is bassicly : Trees, grass, flowers and food There should be a little bit more to add to the generation : - Smaller tre...
  • 697 votes

    Calling all Chefs (this is the food and recipe feedback thread)

    Chefs of Minecraft! Let's revive this thread with your best recipes and new food ideas. We have read a fantastic list that received over 850 votes previously, covering: new types of cookies fruits...
  • 291 votes

    Shulker Bullets & Shulker Lead [tools]

    Introduction: A miscellaneous but useful idea for mob transportation. Suggestion 1: Shulker Bullets (the projectiles that Shulkers shoot at enemies) have a small chance to drop as an item when dest...
  • 158 votes

    Carpet upgrades

    Carpet is a nice decor for floors but you are limited on where to put it. Why can't it be places on stairs and slabs. Or on blocks that don't take up the block it sitting on. Such as doors, fences,...
  • 158 votes

    The Quiver

    [PICTURES] A Quiver, the thing that hold arrows!  The quiver will hold a chest full of any type of arrows.  The Slots With arrow shape like is where you place the arrows that you want to be used fi...
  • 155 votes

    Minecart Chains

    Minecart chains might be a nice addition to Minecraft. They are crafted with three iron nuggets horizontal to each other. When used on a minecart, a clink sound plays and the chain is attached to t...
  • 147 votes

    sword stand

    A sword stand used to insert a sword into the ground,it looks very cool!
  • 147 votes

    Visible Apples

    I really think that apples should slightly be able to be seen because whenever we farm something we are able to witness the growth. Don’t leave the helpless and poor apples left out on visability
  • 138 votes

    Iron chest

    This chest can't able to open unless when send it a redstone signal so you can now able to open it.
  • 136 votes


    Candles could be made like sea pickles but on land. Where you can place four on one block and the more together increases brightness. Maybe there could even be different colors. Maybe you could cra...
  • 135 votes

    Horse Cart | Carriage | Gig

    I think you should add a cart that can be tied to one or more horses (clearly while more horses will move faster), in this car you can ride more than one player, for example 4 or 6 players without ...
  • 126 votes

    Add rubies back to Minecraft.

    I feel that it would be great to add rubies back into the game. In my opinion they're one of the most beautiful gemstones because my favorite color is red.
  • 122 votes


    The boomerang is a weapon that can be thrown like the trident, except there are some differences. The boomerang is a common weapon found in dungeons, strongholds, villages, and other naturally gene...
  • 112 votes

    (Food) Bacon

    Bacon would be a great improvement to Minecraft because so awesome!
  • 112 votes

    Add Burnt/Petrified Trees that Spawn in Groves in the Nether (revised)

    Too much of the Nether looks the same.  You should add a sort of dead tree grove that comes in two new wood variants: Furnal Ash: a fiery-red wood with burnt, black tree bark.  Unlike other wood, ...
  • 108 votes

    Spears (Sword + stick)

      Mojang has, in a sense, now made spears a viable weapon in the game. It would make sense to expand upon that concept, and in a fairly simple way. The recipe would be simple: Take any sword you h...
  • 105 votes

    Meteors and Space related items and ores

    Meteors have a 5% chance of happening on any given night, and 15% chance on a night with a new moon (when the moon is absent) Meteors cannot happen during the day. The meteor is made up of a new bl...
  • 99 votes


    Instead of adding the old combat back to 1.8, make another weapon that uses the 1.8 default style or maybe has an decreased cooldown. Knifes would be made with 1 iron and 1 stick, knifes would deal...
  • 97 votes

    New armour and weapons (steel)

    I feel it's time to revamp the armour and weapons in minecraft. The main theme for me is steel, of course there would be new ores that need to be added threw this. But i believe that this could str...
  • 97 votes

    Witch BROOMS

    Witches need to have more fun being wicked. So that means they need more thing to play with such as BROOMS so they can fly in the night sky while following players up above them shooting pumpkins ...
  • 95 votes

    Reform of the bookshelves (In-depth Ideas #7)

    Hello there, fellow Minecrafter! My name is MacchuPicchu96, and I’ve been playing survival Minecraft for five years now. I have quite a few different ideas to share on this forum, but there are a c...
  • 94 votes

    Bed's bottom layer depends on the wood type

    you know how you can make beds with 3 same colored wool and 3 wood planks? let's say you were gonna make a red bed, if you were to use 3 red wool, and 3 spruce planks. The bottom layer would be spr...
  • 91 votes

    Security cameras

    Security cameras would be great to have. You could place them down and go somewhere else and look through a tv that’s hooked up to the camera and see through it  
  • 90 votes

    Gemstones and Customizing Equipment

    Placing a tool/piece of armor in an Anvil with a specific item allows the player to customize their equipment with bright colors using existing materials and new gemstones found beneath the earth. ...
  • 88 votes

    Dog Armor

     There should be armor for dogs, there would be three variants: Iron, gold and diamond. The armors would only be finding in chests as random loot similar to horse armor. This armor would help keep ...
  • 88 votes

    Trees Growing Leaves

    In my opinion, trees are lacking the ability to regrow leaves. For instance, if I cut all of the leaves off of an otherwise untouched tree, I think that the leaves should grow back. The exact speed...
  • 88 votes

    Better Glass/Aquarium Glass (Mainly for aquariums)

    I think another great addition to the game would be either to edit glass panes to where they’ll hold water, or to make a new and specific glass for aquariums. Any Minecraft player who’s tried to bu...
  • 86 votes

    exploding arrows

    exploding arrows should be added in minecraft. you would craft tnt and an arrow together and you get and exploding arrow.
  • 86 votes

    Salt Ore

    We've had the same ores for a long time. Why not add a new one? This idea is for salt ore. The item would look look a cross between dust items (more specifically, sugar) and Nether quartz Basically...