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  • 32 votes

    Sand dollars

     Sand dollars would be a nice feature for after “The Update Aquatic” and they would be the ingredient for the elusive Luck Potion. The Sand Dollars could also when killed drop Doves of Peace when t...
  • 31 votes

    Taming Pandas

    That's itJust make pandas tameable.I want to have a panda named Po sitting in my dojos.
  • 31 votes

    More mushroom mobs

    We have the biome and mooshrooms but where are the other mobs? I think new passive and hostile mobs should spawn, like mushroom zombie, mushroom chicken, etc. This would make the the mushroom islan...
    needs info
  • 31 votes

    The Statue- “Don’t look away.”

    A new monster could be added in the swamps and dark oak forests, or even dungeons. A statue in the distance, you don’t think much of it, so you turn around. When you look back, the statue came clos...
  • 31 votes

    Giant horses

    In the world there is a small chance that a gaint horse will spawn.The gaint horse is a beter horse it has more helth it can jump 7 blocks in the air and can jump ower 16 block gaps it eats golden ...
  • 31 votes

    Strays spawn at high snowy altitudes

    Since snow can generate at very high mountains, u should make it where strays spawn their too, just in the snowy areas of the high mountains
  • 31 votes

    Wither dragon (was: 4th boss)

    why not having a 4th boss called wither dragon for Minecraft ⚔ (extraneous spacing removed ~nb)
  • 31 votes

    Skeleton horses should have more health and be faster.

    Skeleton horses are quite rare to find, I think they should have better statistics than a regular horse as a reward for taking down the skeleton horsemen and finding a rare occurrence.
  • 30 votes

    [19w07a] Red Fox & Arctic Fox differences

    "The red fox is physically dominant to the arctic fox, weighing up to double and being up to 70% longer, allowing them to prey on the arctic fox." So Red Foxes should be bigger, and be ho...
  • 30 votes

    Dog mechanics

    Dogs have been in Minecraft for a long time but you don’t actually do anything with them. They follow you. The kill for you. They sit down. Imagine if you could throw an object and a dog could run...
  • 30 votes

    Snakes in Temples

    I have an idea!How will they know, in the deserts and jungles there are "Temples". These temples are highlighted above all by having various traps that hinder the arrival of the player to...
  • 30 votes

    All mob taming

    As of right now In Minecraft, the only mobs you can tame is the wolf, parrot, and ocelot. But how cool would it be to be able to tame anything! Even monsters like my favorite ghast and all others
  • 30 votes

    improved shulkers

    shulkers can spawn with selected given effects, the effect it gives can be specified with commands with NBT you can also make it look like a specific block
  • 30 votes

    Change Parrot colors

    Can we be able to change parrot colors with dye like we can with tropical fish and pet collars
  • 30 votes


    Looks like a chest when you walk up to it but opens to reveal a set of teeth ready to bite you.  Can make short hops like a slime (probably uses same AI).  Generates in strongholds, fortresses, and...
  • 30 votes

    Cow, pig and chicken behavior (was: New Behavior)

    I think you should reprogram all of the old mobs like the cow, pig and chicken. They should have a feature fx if you walk or run towards it, then it would run away because it is scared. But if you ...
  • 29 votes

    Sheep Herding with dogs

    It happens to us all. Either we get careless and exterminate all the animals near our base, or perhaps there weren't a lot there to begin with and we have to search the land for some animals. We gr...
  • 29 votes

    Zombie Wandering Trader

    Zombie version of the wandering trader, that has a rare chance to spawn in place of any zombie, maybe 1/4000 chance. They would randomly drop up to 3 different items from their trading item pool.
  • 29 votes

    Baby Animals & Preventing Aging

    When you feed a baby animal poisonous potato they stop ageing.
  • 29 votes

    Tame/ride pillager beast

     I think that you should be able to tame the illager beast by feeding t wheat and/or riding it as it would be a great mount to go stomping around with it.
  • 29 votes

    Tamed animal ownership transfer

    There are alot of tamable creatures in a survival world with no way to share them with friends. I think it would add to the smp experience the ability to transfer ownership of a pet. Perhaps nameta...
  • 29 votes

    Swamp Ape: aka Bigfoot

    A new MOB for the SWAMP biome!New MOB: Bigfoot.Bigfoot is a mythical creature believed to live in the Rainforest of Pacific Northwest and in the swamps of the Florida Everglades. He could be somewh...
  • 29 votes

    Parrots and Fall Damage (was: The ability for when parrots are on your shoulders, they reduce fall damage.)

    I have noticed (thanks to a youtuber, ibxtoycat) that there is a bug where parrots glitch out and completely clear you from falling damage if they are on your shoulders. As this is a bug, it is VER...
  • 28 votes

    The End Spider

    The End Spider has 15 hearts and does damage worth up to 3 hearts. It might sound weak but it has a teleport move where it teleports around you and constantly does 3 damage until you are dead. Anot...
  • 28 votes

    Pufferfish give off thorns

    If u hit a Pufferfish when its puffed up then u will get thorns like how guardians r
  • 28 votes

    Nerf the ender dragon on Bedrock

    Please nerf the ender dragon on the Bedrock editions of the game, his breath does way too much damage and knockback, his tail also does way too much knockback
  • 28 votes

    Terracotta Soldiers!

    There should Terracotta Soldiers! They take fire Damage to 10 Full Hearts, they have Terracotta Bows, Arrows and Swords. They have a health of 80. when shot by a Terracotta arrow you Take 4 Damage ...
  • 28 votes

    Nessie!!!!! ♡

    I have been seeing a lot of the kraken, but what about Nessie? The lockness Momster
  • 28 votes


    There should be more fishing add-ons like baits and there should be more fresh water fish like trout and catfish. There should also be more enchantmen's as well for the fishing rods.
  • 27 votes

    Cows need to eat grass to be milked again

    " I think milking a cow unlimited times is overpowered, especially since it can clear away potion effects like bad omen. Also, when cows eat grass, they could regenerate health, maybe they wou...