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  • 41 votes


    Pigeons; that evil critter that poops on EVERYTHING!! Pigeons should be a mostly peaceful mob that should or should not be tameable. It eats all food and has 2 lives. It should drop feathers and sp...
  • 40 votes

    (Swamp) Will-o'-wisp

    Will-o'-wisp covers both ancient fokelore and natural recorded phenomenon.  This would be a great eerie addition to the the Swamp. Source:'-the-wisp Have them a...
  • 40 votes

    Passive Animal Scaring

    When out in the world, often a user encounters a group of cows, sheep, or other passive mob. These groups are often killed for resources. When a player attacks an animal, it runs in a frenzy away f...
  • 39 votes


     usually in cave,their nest can be eaten(soup) drop feather,tameable?
  • 39 votes

    Pegasus Elytra

    Hey y'all! What if there was a way to make horses fly!? I think that to make horses fly, we could either where eltra and use yhem one horse back, or put eltra on hoses, making them fly , to enable...
  • 38 votes

    Dogs retrieving items

    Dogs should search for nearby dropped items and bring them to the player. 
  • 38 votes

    Skin abilities

    I want to have skins that have special abilities like a tnt one that can be resistant to explosions and can explode and a water one that it is resistant to lave an fire and when it touches lava it ...
  • 38 votes

    Breeding/ Mob suggestions

    I have no clue whether or not this has been suggested before. However, I want to add my two cents. Something in the game that I indulge in often, is breeding. The breeding system in Minecraft as of...
  • 38 votes

    Stone Mobs

    Occasionally there should be stone creatures that break stone to get to you, they spawn in the walls and break down the walls to get to you making it almost impossible to trap it. These mobs blend ...
  • 37 votes

    Chickens can flap up to high areas

    Their should be a feature where if chickens r cornered or stuck in a tight spot, they can simply just flap up, they wont fly just able to flap up to 3 blocks high
  • 37 votes

    A New Mob: The Stalker

    This in an unusual mob as it spawns only one per player in that world unless spawner by an egg or command block. Each one is assigned to a specific player in that world and when killed it will spaw...
  • 36 votes

    Animals should sleep

    With the latest beta (, villagers can now sleep during the night. Animals-like mobs should sleep too (therefore undeads are excluded). This feature should not affect every animal in the sa...
  • 36 votes

    Anenome mob

    A Mob that spawn and lives in the Coral reef sea and a dangerous mob that can inflict poison if close, they would stick onto any blocks like a stalker, can come in different colors depending on wha...
  • 36 votes

    Adjust Squid Spawning For Balance With Other Ocean Mobs

    Now that Minecraft's oceans are far from the blandness of squid and nothing, there's something else that needs to be fixed: the squids themselves. Fish variants, dolphins, turtles...all of the new ...
  • 36 votes

    Goblins in Minecraft! 😀

    These unique mobs would be thieves. They would steal from you by maybe punching you one time. Any sort of valuable loot that you have on you would be taken, and the only way to get it back is to ch...
  • 36 votes


    hello (i'm using google translation)I propose: the koalahe is in the savannahhe can carry his littleand he is in the trees of the savannahif we give him to eat he can give us batton or (1 time / 10...
  • 35 votes

    Hyenas: Pets of Illagers

    Hyenas: Pets of Illagers, which can also do their own little raids in savannas. Hyenas Hyenas would spawn as pet dogs for the evil illagers! as 1-3 in raids, and occasionally in woodland mansions i...
  • 35 votes


    What can be better than adding useful mini tornadoes into Minecraft? Appearance: Whirlwinds are "ambient" mobs that spawn in the over-world only at day. Their body is just a swir...
  • 35 votes

    Fruit bat & Pet bats

    First I think they should have 2 types of bats (fruit bat and normal bat) you can tame the fruit bat by giving it any kind of fruit. You can tame the normal bat by giving it moths. You can get moth...
  • 35 votes

    Add New Jungle Mob: Vampire bats

    Bats are boring.  How about a hostile variant? These could spawn in jungle biomes and in caves beneath jungles.  They will attack the player only for a short time, but not without dealing mining fa...
  • 34 votes

    Male animals/defender animals

    I was wondering if you guys could add male animals maybe they could travel in herds with the annals of the same group and they could defend the females but you could tame and ride them and have the...
  • 34 votes

    Pigman Rider

    Hello proud minecrafter for 5 years here, I know most people would think the nether is very crowded with Mobs... I always found it a shame that the "Zombie Horse" is still to this day not...
  • 33 votes

    Fennec foxes

    Well, we’re getting foxes, right? Red and arctic ones? But what about fennec foxes? That’s a whole new story. Fennec foxes are the smallest foxes ever, so they should be way smaller than red and ar...
  • 33 votes

    The Mythos Dimension – Non-Humanoid Mobs

    If you found this post directly, please refer to the hub post (link) before reading. =3   Deer: Deer are passive mobs.  They drop venison, hide, and antlers.  The hide can be traded to the tree fol...
  • 33 votes

    Piranhas in water swamp.

    Making swamps more dangerous and interesting.
  • 33 votes


    I think Emu would be an awesome mob addition. There social behaviour and history would make a a real challenge and source of entertainment. They could lay eggs, (you already have the mechantics fo...
  • 33 votes

    Deadly mosquito

    In swamps you will find  mosquitoes that Will giwe you nausa . You repel them with turches and fire . You can also catch them in a botle to make nausa arrowsare mossquito granades .
  • 33 votes

    Pangolins!+New potion!

    The Pangolin is a passive mob that spawns in the Savannah Biome. Like the Shulker if attacked it will curl up into a ball and will have a higher defense. It will uncurl 10 seconds after you walk 30...
  • 33 votes

    Jeepers Creepers! The Peeper, a new End mob.

    Let's be honest here, the End is... too safe. I mean, sure, there's the Enderdragon, but you only need to kill it ONCE. Endermen don't directly attack you unless you look at them or hit them, and S...
  • 32 votes

    Chickens should peck at the ground at times

    This would be a neat little detail for chickens. Just like Sheep & horses have the grass eating animation.