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  • 64 votes

    (Swamp, rivers) Turtles and tortises

    With the new update aquadic around the corner I noticed that the game doesn’t have any other turtles besides the sea turtle. The turtles would have the same concept as the sea turtles but instead b...
  • 63 votes

    Tame Foxes

    May you please consider to have the ability to tame foxes, as they are my favorite animals. Foxes all ready pick up items tamed foxes could bring back items you dropped or retrieve dropped items th...
  • 60 votes

    Saber tooth

    The saber tooth iss a gaint cat that live in savanna plains it hunts cows . It can be tamed like an ocelot using beaf . It drops saiber tooth hide . When tamed it Will atack all mobs and also it ca...
  • 58 votes

    More Wolves and Shewolf boss

    There should be more variety in wolves like red fur, gray fur, black fur, golden fur, brown fur and silver fur and also a black-brown neutral shewolf boss that spawns in Wolf Gathering sites when a...
  • 58 votes

    Sea boss Posideon/Poseidon

    New Boss Like Maybe Posideon? Easiest Way to Get Trident w/ Enchant
  • 57 votes

    Falcons would be awsome to add

    Minecraft's current mobs are great and all, but new ones would be cool.  Falcons would be cool, it would be awesome if you could tame them with raw rabbit or raw chicken.  The falcon could perch on...
  • 57 votes


    Like parrots, you can tame crows with seeds. They avoid up players so you have to sneak up behind them while there not facing your direction to feed them or like a cat have to wait till they fly to...
  • 56 votes

    Eyes of Mobs

    My idea is that when you kill mobs and animals they should drop eyes just like a spider does. I think that if you combine the eyes of nine different mobs and animals, you should be able to create o...
  • 56 votes

    Named hostile mobs don't despawn in Peaceful mode

    Usually named hostile mobs are intended to be a permanent feature of the world, so it would make sense for them to stick around in peaceful mode.  They would ignore the player if loose, similar to ...
  • 55 votes


    A HUGE great white shark the belly is white and the rest of body is blue deals 10 damage if you get bit you will have nausea slowness blindness hunger and wither and if you die it goes away
  • 55 votes

    Shulkers should Spawn Naturally: Shells Need to be Renewable

    Anyone who's played on a multiplayer server, and especially those who have modded or run one, know how out of hand The End can get. Players rush for the purple cities, clearing out all the Shulkers...
  • 55 votes

    Hawks and eagles

    I think there should be big hawks and eagles that people can tame with fish or seeds And if they are tamed the person that tamed them can ride them. I would love that.
  • 53 votes


    Lions would spawn a 16% chance in the Savannah and will hunt down anything (including you so be careful!!) They will take down 8 damage every half second and have 30 health.
  • 53 votes

    variant of cod in rivers (probably trout)

    Being that before cod was cod, it served as a generic fish, and the rivers could use generic fish (salmon aren't exactly generic, but should definitely continue to spawn in rivers), perhaps cod cou...
  • 53 votes

    Dyable chickens

    I think this feature should have been implemented in the 1.12 World of color update but my idea is we should be able to dye the chickens (right clicking on the chickens with dyes will turn them int...
  • 52 votes

    The Sound Wave Monster

    So I had an idea about a Sound Wave Monster.General information:The Sound Wave Monster attacks with sound waves. The sound waves are constantly fired when the player is in the monsters range and th...
  • 52 votes

    Mob absorbing slimes

    You know like in the movies and shows, when there's a slime in then it absorbs something up. Why not Minecraft slimes? Bigger ones can absorb bigger mobs, and after some time, they start to suffoca...
  • 52 votes

    Crows (DOOM!!! for your wheat fields) and Scarecrows

    These annoying birds will inhabit some villages and will destroy wheat crops. Sure you could attack them but all his buddies will start attacking you. Drops black feather used for crafting. (not su...
  • 52 votes


    piranhas would be cool in Minecraft. In the aquatic update you added fish, but none of them can attack you. Piranhas would do 3 damage each bite. If you are using a boat they can but your boat and ...
  • 51 votes

    self fed animals

    simple, animals should be able to eat without being fed. with the exception of sheep eating grass, there is pretty much no self feeding mobs except ourselves.also, when dogs kill sheep, they should...
  • 51 votes

    Nether Boss

    Nether is really empty and it needs an update to bring it back to life why not add a Boss to it??? A big creature that is like a squid fish (has many arms) and comes out from the deepest level of l...
  • 51 votes


    Dodo birds were an incredible bird, but sadly it's extinct now, so no one will ever be able to interact with it today, but what if they could, what if they could in Minecraft? Dodo Birds Texture: T...
  • 51 votes

    Jumping Spider?

    I think that there should be a new spider added into Minecraft. It is about the size of an endermite, and is grey, the same color as smooth stone. Looks real ugly, but in a cute way, you know, mayb...
  • 51 votes


    Some people of heard about the morph mod and what if it was easier to get that mod if it was in Minecraft it would be so much easier for people who are kind of Nubes when it comes to mods so this ...
  • 50 votes

    Make Dogs Seperate Like Cats

    Cats And Ocelot Are Changed Into Different Mobs It Would Be Cool If We Get Dogs In The Game!
  • 50 votes

    Guardians should attack all mobs, not just squid and players

    Guardians currently attack only squid and players; since they are the guardians of a monument, it should make sense for them to attack other mobs as well.
  • 50 votes

    carrier pigeon

     It can carry letter something light,and splash potion to drop at coordinate you set,to nearest entity or to player feel like medieval era...
  • 50 votes

    An Additional End Mob: the Enderlisk

    After defeating the Enderdragon, now your exploration is riddled with endermen, shulkers, a precarious abyss, and...nothing else?  The Nether has more dangers than this end-game dimension! Here's a...
  • 50 votes

    Placeable chicken egg

    Turtle have an egg as a block not just an item. So why not also use this trick for chicken, they should place it not just drop it and wait till you accidently collect it.
  • 49 votes

    Coral Guardian

    In the reare and untill now unprotected coral reefs there is a gaint gardian it is colerd all coral block colors with coral fans on the sides . It is in a deap sleap and it wakes up when it hears c...