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  • 85 votes

    Venus Fly Trap

    Venus Fly Traps will spawn only in jungles and take down 5 health a second to any kind of animals or players, also drop flies and Venus Fly Trap teeth (could be used as a weapon)
  • 83 votes

    Ice Giants (found in Ice Temples)

    Ice temples would be a very rare structure that would spawn in tundra biomes.  They would have several floors with various mobs and loot, but at the bottom of each ice temple would lie a treasure r...
  • 81 votes

    Add New Jungle Mob: Panthers/Leopards (edited)

    Along with the jungle's lonely resident, the ocelot, how about a bigger, hungrier cat? Neutral by day, hostile by night, panthers could hunt mobs and players by stealth as in real life. Two varian...
  • 80 votes

    Red Pandas (was: Better keeping away from forests..)

    When you've seen the name of that topic, you looked pretty scared.. Or rather perplexed, because you were wondering what could be dangerous in the forest, right ? So, here we go.Red Pandas ! Don't ...
  • 80 votes

    Mobs Can Break Blocks

    I Think In future Maybe add A Mob can Breaks Block ? That will be cool ! (1.14)
  • 79 votes

    Ants in Minecraft

    There should be queen and worker ants added to the game. The ants could have ant hills that spawn in all biomes except for desert and ocean.  Every 5-10 Minecraft days, queen ants could fly around ...
  • 79 votes


    Minecraft is awesome! Minecraft Mobs are awesome! SOLTHS ARE AWESOME! SLOTHS + MINECRAFT = SUCCESS!!! If this does happen, this is what they should do. Habitats: Sloths would spawn I. Savana biomes...
  • 78 votes

    [Console Parity] Blazes should drop glowstone

    In the Console Edition, blazes will drop 0-2 glowstone dust when killed. This feature should be ported to both the Java and Bedrock editions for feature parity purposes.
  • 78 votes

    Carp (goldfish or koi)

    The rivers are really lacking in fish variety compared to the oceans. Maybe there could be plain carp in the rivers, which could then be converted into different varieties of goldfish or koi. This ...
  • 78 votes

    Pet hunger (specifically dogs and cats)

    Dogs should lose hunger, so can cats. Food bowls will restore your hunger, but you will need something to feed them. You decide
  • 78 votes


    Crikey what if you had a kangaroo that will follow you around and help fight off mods or just sit in your house and be a furry companion you can put armor on it feed it shrubs, bushes ,or grass
  • 77 votes

    Starfish, Sea Urchins, Barnacles

    When I think of the sea, I always think of Starfish and Sea Urchins clustered all over the stripped logs of piers.  I'd also think about the barnacles that are simply everywhere!   These would be i...
  • 77 votes

    Zombie Horses spawning near Zombie Villages.

    Currently, Skeleton Horses have a chance to naturally spawn during thunderstorms (therefore actually appearing in the game). So, why not let Zombie Horses have the same treatment; by letting them h...
  • 76 votes

    The Amazing Axolotl!

    The Axolotl is a small, pink salamander that has three red, coral like protrusions on it's head on each side. It is native to the rivers near southern Mexico. This creature is special because it ca...
  • 75 votes

    Shearing llamas

    Just like sheep we should be able to get wool from llamas. Historically that is a major part of what they were used for. Maybe have them give a bit more wool on average because they are bigger.  
  • 75 votes

    Sky and hostile mobs (was: New mobs)

    They should add more sky mobs like birds and also more hostile ones.
  • 74 votes

    Colored Slimes

    I think there should be because some people would like to have different colors of slimes like if people had them for pets and if they wanted different colors of theme they would have to find them....
  • 73 votes

    Kiwi Bird

    A little round furry flightless bird would be good for the rainforest biome.
  • 73 votes

    Wolves and Spiders should be able to sprint as fast as the player

    Wolves and Spiders were originally implemented before sprinting was in the game. Spiders are no longer much of a threat to the player because of their now-lower movement speed, and Wolves can also ...
  • 73 votes

    Sheep + Cactus = Baactus

    Bear with me! We have cows crossed with mushrooms (mooshrooms) that have a special island just for them. Why not do so with sheep. the baactus has a cactus-like texture and spikes to that deal dama...
  • 72 votes

    Coyotes!!! 😀

    These mobs would look like wolves but would be much, much darker. They would be a little bit smaller than wolves, and their fur pattern would look a little bit different. Also their ears would be a...
  • 72 votes

    Sea dragon, sea dinosaur (was: A Ridable Sea Mob)

    I thought of what it could be is like a sea dragon or dinosaur which you could tame with Pufferfish. After taming this entity you would apply phantom membrane so his armour coat is hardened and the...
  • 71 votes

    The Raccoon - Thief of night.

    A nocturnal, neutral animal that mainly spawns in the Swamps. They have a higher spawn rate in Swamps, but still can spawn in other biomes. The Raccoon would makes a variety of noises like chitteri...
  • 69 votes

    Phantom membrane and scute can be used for banner decorations

    Phantom membrane and scutes could be used to make a specific type of design to a banner giving an even more use to membranes and scutes, like the enchanted apple makes the mojang symbol, membranes...
  • 68 votes

    Camels and their uses

    Camels would spawn in deserts, have 15 hearts, and the same behavior as the Llama. There is two variants. • one hump • two humps You could combine a saddle and a carpet so you could control it when...
  • 67 votes

    Nautilus Mob

    I was thinking that a nautilus mob could possibly be added? obviously not the 1.13 update, but maybe later ones. They could be a relatively rare mob, either spawning by coral reefs or shipwrecks du...
  • 66 votes

    (Swamp) Leeches Should be Added to the Swamp Biome

           In the recent update minecraft 1.13, many types of fish were added including cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish. I think swamps should get their own underwater mob, the leech.       ...
  • 65 votes

    Tame Foxes

    May you please consider to have the ability to tame foxes, as they are my favorite animals. Foxes all ready pick up items tamed foxes could bring back items you dropped or retrieve dropped items th...
  • 65 votes

    Enchantable Horse Armor

    I'd love to see the ability to enchant horse armor, both with some of the armor enchantments we already have present, (Like protect, blast protection, projectile protection, thorns, ect) as well as...
  • 65 votes

    Komodo Dragon/Gecko (was: Passive and hostile reptiles (was: More Reptiles))

    I would LOVE to see more reptiles! I prefer lizards(mostly passive) and geckos. The comodo dragon could be neutral and all geckos passive. Feel free to add hostile reptiles like alligators and croc...