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  • 67 votes

    Ice Giants (found in Ice Temples)

    Ice temples would be a very rare structure that would spawn in tundra biomes.  They would have several floors with various mobs and loot, but at the bottom of each ice temple would lie a treasure r...
  • 38 votes

    Nether Boss

    Nether is really empty and it needs an update to bring it back to life why not add a Boss to it??? A big creature that is like a squid fish (has many arms) and comes out from the deepest level of l...
  • 19 votes

    Praying mantises

    They are hostile mobs that deal 2 hearts of damage add 3 types of praying should look like a flower and the other 2 should look the same but 1 green 1 brown.also add a cricket that is pa...
  • 45 votes


    Parrotfish are a colorful fish that are found in shallow areas of tropical and subtropical areas around the world. This fish would pair up nicely with the aquatic update, especially if a tropical o...
  • 12 votes

    Infimi larvae

    Add a boss to the Nether named Infimi (refference to infiniminer). Unlike Ender Dragon, have multiple spawn in these spots. Make them drop random (valuable) loot like 2 emeralds, 3 string, one gold...
  • 12 votes

    Combined Monsters (edited)

     There are only a few certain mobs that are combined together to make horrid hybrid of the two like the zombie pigmen and the zombie villager. Adding more combinations of hybrid monsters would add ...
  • 20 votes

    Thassak~Ariss (was: new boss mob?)

    so this is a new mob that I've imagined: Thassak~Ariss, this would have 200 hearts and it would, in terms of graphics, have a clockwise rotating tri-split mouth that is opening and closing. it wou...
  • 6 votes

    Admin Romeo Mob (was: Админ Ромео! [ Please use Translater ])

    Is not it about time you add a new mob to the maincraft? For example: Admin Romeo! It can not be created, it can only be called upon by command in the chat! How do you like the idea? If you are cre...
  • 25 votes

    Swamp Ape: aka Bigfoot

    A new MOB for the SWAMP biome!New MOB: Bigfoot.Bigfoot is a mythical creature believed to live in the Rainforest of Pacific Northwest and in the swamps of the Florida Everglades. He could be somewh...
  • 21 votes


    People who believe that Sasquachis and Yeties are nothing more then "folk tales" and "myths", "rumors" at best; but, their are others who believe that they do exist. I...
  • 23 votes

    Ghasts Killable from Above

    You should be able to walk on the ghast instead of going through the ghast, this will give you an advantage over the ghast by letting you kill it from above.
  • 5 votes

    괴담이 현실로 되다

    마인크래프트 괴담 또는 소문의 등장하는 대표 적인 것은 바로 히로빈입니다. 괴담속 히로빈을 마인크래프트 몬스터 또는 보스로 만든다면 괜찮다는 생각을 하여 이렇게 글을 남깁니다
  • 31 votes


    What can be better than adding useful mini tornadoes into Minecraft? Appearance: Whirlwinds are "ambient" mobs that spawn in the over-world only at day. Their body is just a swir...
  • 42 votes

    Dolphin’s behavior with pufferfish.

    A research reported that dolphins (especially the young ones) have been chewing on pufferfish to produce a small amount of toxin which is like using recreational drugs in humans. Here’s the link to...
  • 16 votes

    Testificate Bat

    Sheap can be bread fastly and becaue volves can not control ther populacion. I think we should ad an agent to control the populacion. So now at night there Will be a new danger a mini boss who come...
  • 38 votes

    Boss Mobs In Dungeons

    I think It would be a great idea if at the bottom of dungeons, you had Boss Mobs, Like something you could vote for when Minecon 2018 happens, like last year when you could vote for all the mobs bu...
  • 19 votes

    Add the Typhr (an Ocean Boss that could drop the Heart of the Ocean)

    You should add an ocean boss that could be summoned out of a pattern of blocks (like the Wither).  The Typhr would add as a hostile ocean mob (something we're rather short on), and would act a way ...
  • 40 votes

    Placeable chicken egg

    Turtle have an egg as a block not just an item. So why not also use this trick for chicken, they should place it not just drop it and wait till you accidently collect it.
  • 50 votes

    variant of cod in rivers (probably trout)

    Being that before cod was cod, it served as a generic fish, and the rivers could use generic fish (salmon aren't exactly generic, but should definitely continue to spawn in rivers), perhaps cod cou...
  • 21 votes

    Playful dolphin adjustment (was: About Dolphins)

    Can you make it so that dolphins don't play with some items? like kelp which sometimes generate a world and kelps sometimes spawn where they weren't supposed to and they get updated and ...
  • 27 votes

    Parrots and Fall Damage (was: The ability for when parrots are on your shoulders, they reduce fall damage.)

    I have noticed (thanks to a youtuber, ibxtoycat) that there is a bug where parrots glitch out and completely clear you from falling damage if they are on your shoulders. As this is a bug, it is VER...
  • 19 votes

    Skellington Cov

    In the nether there is the zombie pigman so why not a skelington cov.It looks like a big skelington with some cow flesh on the bones . It has cov feat , cov horns , and a bow. It can ram and break ...
  • 57 votes

    Ants in Minecraft

    There should be queen and worker ants added to the game. The ants could have ant hills that spawn in all biomes except for desert and ocean.  Every 5-10 Minecraft days, queen ants could fly around ...
  • 36 votes


     usually in cave,their nest can be eaten(soup) drop feather,tameable?
  • 63 votes

    Phantom membrane and scute can be used for banner decorations

    Phantom membrane and scutes could be used to make a specific type of design to a banner giving an even more use to membranes and scutes, like the enchanted apple makes the mojang symbol, membranes...
  • 39 votes

    Cats/ocelot Attack parrots

     "I think that the cats should attack the parrots because cats tend to attack birds and hunt things. so maybe cats could attack the parrots. just like zombie and villagers. it would work the s...
  • 16 votes

    Hard Mode Mob AI: Making Hard Mode Harder. (OUTDATED, NEW VERSION IN PROGRESS)

    Hello again! Now, I've been thinking to myself; "What if mobs acted a little differently on the hard difficulty?". This is what I'm talking about now, you would know if you read the title...
  • 15 votes

    Salmon in Swamps.

    While the swamps did receive some attention in update aquatic I feel like the water feels empty. Adding Salmon into the water would add more life into the biome. Another Idea to add on to this is s...
  • 42 votes

    Turtle Easter egg

    Hello, I propose an easter egg idea for the 1.13: This idea is to rename a turtle "Flash" and it would have a custom skin as in the picture.
  • 49 votes

    Dyable chickens

    I think this feature should have been implemented in the 1.12 World of color update but my idea is we should be able to dye the chickens (right clicking on the chickens with dyes will turn them int...