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  • 15 votes

    Stray shulker heads

    if an end portal is open, then stray shulker heads that you see in shulkers will fly around the overworld, they don't attack, just hurt if you touch them, they have 4 hitpoints, and they can inhabi...
  • 43 votes

    taming/riding spiders

    I think we should be able to tame spiders with silver fish  meat and ride them and while riding we should be able to climb walls. And the spider would be as fast as a powered minecart.
  • 95 votes

    New Desert Mobs: Vultures and an Undead Variant (was Desert Mobs post) (edited)

    Deserts and Mesas are dreary, but there can still be more survivor mobs to give more personality to the harsh biome, like a drought-driven scavenger of sorts, that could also be a fitting continuit...
  • 19 votes

    Praying mantises

    They are hostile mobs that deal 2 hearts of damage add 3 types of praying should look like a flower and the other 2 should look the same but 1 green 1 brown.also add a cricket that is pa...
  • 52 votes


    A HUGE great white shark the belly is white and the rest of body is blue deals 10 damage if you get bit you will have nausea slowness blindness hunger and wither and if you die it goes away
  • 45 votes


    Parrotfish are a colorful fish that are found in shallow areas of tropical and subtropical areas around the world. This fish would pair up nicely with the aquatic update, especially if a tropical o...
  • 36 votes

    Breeding/ Mob suggestions

    I have no clue whether or not this has been suggested before. However, I want to add my two cents. Something in the game that I indulge in often, is breeding. The breeding system in Minecraft as of...
  • 12 votes

    Infimi larvae

    Add a boss to the Nether named Infimi (refference to infiniminer). Unlike Ender Dragon, have multiple spawn in these spots. Make them drop random (valuable) loot like 2 emeralds, 3 string, one gold...
  • 26 votes


    These mobs would spawn in the end, in the area where you find Shulker towers and such, and they would teleport after you hit them, and hop around otherwise. They could drop endergoo, which you coul...
  • 11 votes

    (Skeleton addition) Calkins!

    (I got the name from Calkination, which is where you burn a body after it dies) it would be a flaming skeleton that would spawn in deserts and burn on impact with the player, and it would drop gunp...
  • 20 votes

    The Sea Leviathan

    The Sea Leviathan would spawn if there is a conduit in 500 block and you have to kill certain amount of fish and dolphins it will spawn but only in the deep ocean. It would spawn Drowned. If it spa...
  • 70 votes

    Pet hunger (specifically dogs and cats)

    Dogs should lose hunger, so can cats. Food bowls will restore your hunger, but you will need something to feed them. You decide
  • 111 votes

    Training Mechanism for Dogs, Dolphins, and Parrots (edited)

    Dogs, Dolphins, and Parrots are three of the smartest animals on Earth.  This is evidence by their ability to master commands and tricks. What if there was a simple "Teach a Trick" modal ...
  • 13 votes

    Combined Monsters (edited)

     There are only a few certain mobs that are combined together to make horrid hybrid of the two like the zombie pigmen and the zombie villager. Adding more combinations of hybrid monsters would add ...
  • 29 votes

    Giant horses

    In the world there is a small chance that a gaint horse will spawn.The gaint horse is a beter horse it has more helth it can jump 7 blocks in the air and can jump ower 16 block gaps it eats golden ...
  • 22 votes

    Skeleton Shipwreck Defender (was: what is defending the shipwrecks)

    if a skeleton version of the drowned was defending the shipwrecks now you can easily get the loot from the shipwrecks but if skeleton drowned with a bow was trying to defend his ship no one would t...
  • 40 votes

    (Swamp) Will-o'-wisp

    Will-o'-wisp covers both ancient fokelore and natural recorded phenomenon.  This would be a great eerie addition to the the Swamp. Source:'-the-wisp Have them a...
  • 15 votes

    Additional Bosses for each Monster Mob

    For each monster they should have a boss like the zombie pigmen for example there should be a pig King and when you defeat him you get his weapon he was using to fight you. And you should get a cro...
  • 23 votes

    Have Magma Cubes & Slimes Grow Into their Large Size (by slow rate and/or player feeding)

    As slimes and their Nether counterparts are a rarer spawn than other monsters, sometimes their smaller size variants can be an unrewarding, unsatisfying kill when they are less likely to drop slime...
  • 66 votes

    The Raccoon - Thief of night.

    A nocturnal, neutral animal that mainly spawns in the Swamps. They have a higher spawn rate in Swamps, but still can spawn in other biomes. The Raccoon would makes a variety of noises like chitteri...
  • 6 votes

    Admin Romeo Mob (was: Админ Ромео! [ Please use Translater ])

    Is not it about time you add a new mob to the maincraft? For example: Admin Romeo! It can not be created, it can only be called upon by command in the chat! How do you like the idea? If you are cre...
  • 28 votes

    Swamp Ape: aka Bigfoot

    A new MOB for the SWAMP biome!New MOB: Bigfoot.Bigfoot is a mythical creature believed to live in the Rainforest of Pacific Northwest and in the swamps of the Florida Everglades. He could be somewh...
  • 5 votes

    괴담이 현실로 되다

    마인크래프트 괴담 또는 소문의 등장하는 대표 적인 것은 바로 히로빈입니다. 괴담속 히로빈을 마인크래프트 몬스터 또는 보스로 만든다면 괜찮다는 생각을 하여 이렇게 글을 남깁니다
  • 23 votes

    Ghasts Killable from Above

    You should be able to walk on the ghast instead of going through the ghast, this will give you an advantage over the ghast by letting you kill it from above.
  • 42 votes

    Dolphin’s behavior with pufferfish.

    A research reported that dolphins (especially the young ones) have been chewing on pufferfish to produce a small amount of toxin which is like using recreational drugs in humans. Here’s the link to...
  • 69 votes


    Crikey what if you had a kangaroo that will follow you around and help fight off mods or just sit in your house and be a furry companion you can put armor on it feed it shrubs, bushes ,or grass
  • 27 votes

    The End Spider

    The End Spider has 15 hearts and does damage worth up to 3 hearts. It might sound weak but it has a teleport move where it teleports around you and constantly does 3 damage until you are dead. Anot...
  • 33 votes


    What can be better than adding useful mini tornadoes into Minecraft? Appearance: Whirlwinds are "ambient" mobs that spawn in the over-world only at day. Their body is just a swir...
  • 19 votes

    Harder husks

    I think that husks are not diferent enught then zombies.This is how you should improve: -They should be faster mabey as fast as the pleyer. -they should be stronger . -They should be more comon. -T...
  • 42 votes

    Nether Werewolf (was: New Mob for the nether)

    Werewolf would be cool for the nether or the normal world. They could be agrassiv or passiv like the zombie pigman. Wehn you want you can transform a casuel wolf to an werewolf them fight with you ...