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  • 566 votes

    Mob spawning needs to be more balanced on Minecraft

    Here are some of the community comments and observations made regarding mob spawning in Minecraft.  A balanced mob spawning system is needed with consistent spawning rules. This would mean that dur...
  • 340 votes

    (Updated) About the Mobs, Animals, and non-Humanoids Area

    If it moves in Minecraft we probably are collecting feedback about it here. One suggestion per post, please. (For example posts about Dogs = good vs posts about Dogs AND Cats at the same time = no...
  • 2 votes

    Snow pigs

    Snow pigs look like pigs but are bigger and have the snow texture
  • 0 votes


    An entity that has the skin as a young farmer who lives in a simple house that contains inside: standarte for armors, anvil, oven, charms table, manufacturing table, bed, support for potions, decor...
  • 1583 votes

    Heather Shadelight's Expert Mode [mobs, difficulty, AI]

    Introduction: More and more the players are being spoonfed resources without the "forced progression" string of events being expanded. Due to this, the game is getting easier. Over time, ...
  • 1 vote

    Ender Dragon Fight Ideas/ Improvements

    The Ender Dragon should have more abilities. It could shoot purple fireballs that explode and create blue or purple fire which would deal more damage and it should also have a roaring attack where ...
  • 1 vote

    Rats And Rat King

    Rats Should Be Added To Minecraft. They Should Scavenge for Food Incuding: Berries Food Items Food in Chests(Rarely) Turtle Eggs Ostrich Eggs (If Added) Ect. And Carry It All Back To An Undergrou...
  • 2 votes

    Husk should drop SAND!

    Hi I think the husk mob should drop sand as a rare drop it makes plenty of sense as they spawn in desert and wonder around in it all day.
  • 1 vote

    The Mantis Shrimp and the Mach Punch Potion

    Mantis Shrimp are truly extraordinary creatures. They lived around 400 million years ago and they have the strongest punch of any animal. I would really hope to have this creature be added in game ...
  • 0 votes

    The Toadstool

    The Toadstool is a new defensive mob that spawns on mushroom islands and will spray a lingering cloud of poison if you get too close to it. If you do manage to kill it, it will drop an item called ...
  • 48 votes

    Falcons would be awsome to add

    Minecraft's current mobs are great and all, but new ones would be cool.  Falcons would be cool, it would be awesome if you could tame them with raw rabbit or raw chicken.  The falcon could perch on...
  • 8 votes

    Rideable Polar Bears

    Polar bears are one of the most useless mobs in the game . How about making polar bears tameable and rideable. They could be tamed with raw salmon and could be ridden. They would be much slower t...
  • 327 votes

    Jungle Mobs (was: Vote Please)

    Who thinks jungles need to be full of animals, it is full of vegetation, but where are the snakes, frogs, tocans, monkeys, turtles, flamingos, gorillas, lizards, butterflies and so many others??!!
  • 48 votes

    Camels and their uses

    Camels would spawn in deserts, have 15 hearts, and the same behavior as the Llama. There is two variants. • one hump • two humps You could combine a saddle and a carpet so you could control it when...
  • 168 votes


    This animal would be able to be tamed like parrots and can sit on your shoulder but the difference between the two would be that the owl can deliver signed books and but in the authors space you wo...
  • 105 votes

    The Red Dragon

    Long ago, when Notch was still apart of Mojang, he planned to add a Red Dragon. Sadly, it was forgotten, and as a result, never added. That could all change eventually, anything could happen. Just ...
  • 179 votes

    Pet Dragons?

    How about having a dragon of your own? in any sizes (dog size dragon or Ender dragon size) watching them grow from a baby hatchling to an adult, including with its own elemental powers, and where y...
  • 586 votes

    Alligators, Frogs, Herons (was: Swamp Animals)

       When you think of biomes, which biome seems the least full of life animal wise? Some may say Mesa, Desert, or Savannah, but I'm here to propose animals to a biome I feel needs it more. I'd like ...
  • 6 votes

    Trust Feature for Rabbits

    Ocelots and Foxes have a new feature called trust. Rabbits should get this feature too because in a few 1.8 snapshots when the rabbit was first added we were allowed to tame the rabbit. It would a ...
  • 287 votes

    Brown Mooshrooms

    Brown Mooshrooms would be a new mob, which only spawns on mushroom islands. They would have their own spawn egg, and the normal mooshrooms, would be renamed to Red Mooshrooms. The Brown Mooshroom t...
  • 1 vote

    Leyor and hunter

    It fly,takes items,be invible,use items,dig and the only way to kill it is hit it with the totem of undying.                 It will drop obsidion 7 or 8!And the other will jump out of behind trees...
  • 435 votes

    Dog fur options (was: Skins)

    Dogs that have different fur. White fur, Brown fur and Black fur
  • 5 votes

    1 Baby Wolf: 2 Owners (Shared Ownership)

    the title is kinda strange but this is a quick suggestion: what if player 1's wolf and player 2's wolf breed, how it works in game as i write this comment, the first to make the wolf sit up owns it...
  • 2 votes

    Sand Temple Guardians

    The Sand Temple Guardian Would Carry A Long Stick And Be Sort Of Like A Iron Golem, But More Sand And A Different Model It Would Look... It Would Block Players From Entering The Temple. It Would M...
  • 0 votes


    He’s friendly gives you one piece of iron becomes your friend his name is Sammy He’s a black monster has twice the health of the end or Dragon And he small
  • 1 vote

    Giant Sand Worms

    What: Giant Sand Worms. 4 or 5 blocks radius and 8 to 12 blocks long. Found in Desert Biome. No attacks. Moves faster when hit. Higher health. Drops ore, diamond, emerald, coal, red stone, lapis, g...
  • 2 votes

    Ender Fox

    A fox but no back legs and three tails along with big wings from the Ender Dragon and two horns and four ears. Seven hearts and how much damage when it attacks is a heart and a half. Also will spa...
  • 37 votes

    (Jungle) Giant Dragonflies (edited)

    You should add an exotic mob that can help the player get past one of the most difficult terrains of any biome. The dragonfly would be a passive, giant bug mob.  It cannot be tamed, but the player ...
  • 5 votes

    Add red husk in red mesa

    Red husk spawns in mesa biomes red husk gives poison effetc here texture red husk  [outside link removed ~ admin]
  • 2 votes

    Wither boss fight improvements

    Yeah! what wither does? it flies over the player and shoots. Its really boring. like seriously! well ok it has second stage, but it isnt interesting at all. wither becomes invulnerable to arrows. a...