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    Let's talk the most recent beta! (

    Note: Old posts are removed from view at the start of each beta release. The team requested this feature so feedback remains timely and specific to the current beta.  Link to most recent beta chang...
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    ( (Java Parity) Bamboo behaviour

    A few Minecraft Java Snapshots ago we got the ability to break bamboo stalks instantly with swords. This still isn’t a feature in the Bedrock BETA, and I feel it should have been added in ...
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    ( Allow for shields to have a button toggle

    It is a pain to sneak every time I need to use a shield, and I bet a lot of others do too, so I suggest that in control settings (I use Xbox by the way, but it could work for PC as well) there is a...
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    A hammer is gonna break a 3x3 wall but it's reallyyyyy expensive so it's not too op
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    ( Villagers Changing Professions

    Well the new villager update, it's awesome. Finally they are more interesting. I'm not against the update but i still learning to understand how they works. But since they can change their job anyt...
  • 4 votes

    Tab and button for previous commands

    This is very annoying always write full commands and if you have a mistake you need write again.
  • 1 vote

    Put lanterns under stairs

    I want it to be possible to put lanterns under the stairs.
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    ( Worlds Gone

    My Beta works like this, 1. I join the beta 2. I play the beta on a world 3. I leave the beta and play on a server 4. I join the beta after playing on the server 5. My beta worlds are gone! Can you...
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    Old world generation

    There should be an option to generate your world like they were generated in beta minecraft
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    4. NG 6 at

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    Coraqwer 34

    Coraqwer 34
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    Fauna gra