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  • 54 votes

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  • 294 votes

    (Minecoins) Free minecoins while signed in to Xbox live

    So okay I want free minecoins because I want story mode skin pack I want jsse,Jesse armored all of the skin I want plss let me take a chance
    under review
  • 286 votes

    (Feature Request) Purchased Content Sharing

    Purchased content should be shared with all of the family in the house. I have 4 kids and my wife. I have all of them listed under "My family members" in my Xbox Live account. No family s...
    under review
  • 125 votes

    Buyable Mod packs (was: Mods for console versions)

    Buyable mod packs for console versions
  • 108 votes

    Add skin pack 2 through 6.

    Most dlc on xbox one edition isnt on bedrock. I at least want the skin i had.
  • 97 votes

    Add more free skins to marketplace (was: more free skins)

    crap Microsoft gingerbread man and special forces skins gone or 310 mine coins dammit selling this piece of crap ''new'' version of Minecraft is Minecraft with a price tag behind it keeping my old ...
  • 87 votes

    More Free Maps

    Can you please add more free maps via special events such as the 12 days of Minecraft you did last year. I feel like we are lacking free maps. There should be a balance between free and paid maps a...
  • 82 votes

    (Existing Content) Missing skins in legacy skin pack

    Athlete Steve and Athlete Alex are missing from the legacy skin pack. Many people had these skins in the legacy console edition and it should be easy to add these skins to this pack.
  • 77 votes

    (Licensed Content) fnaf mod

    its about  fnaf it has only fredd Bonnie foxy magol golen freddy  
  • 76 votes

    Marketplace- Battle and Glide DLC from console edition to Bedrock.

    Servers and realms are great ways to play with friends, but most of us miss the old minigames and maps from console edition. It would be great to see the Battle and Glide minigames and DLC come to ...
  • 68 votes

    (Feature Request) Add Minecoin transaction history

    Currently there is no transaction history to see what you spend Minecoins on.  Currently Mojang support is unable to tell you what you spent Minecoins on.  Minecraft should have the same visible tr...
  • 62 votes

    (Licensed content) Pokémon Skin Pack (free)

    It would be cool to have a Pokémon Skin Pack with three FREE skins available as well. The three free could be Eevee, Pikachu and Sylveon.
  • 60 votes

    (Content Request) Werewolf skins!

    Aphmau has werewolf and mef wa 3d ears and tails I would like my person in Minecraft pocket edition be a werewolf I am willing to buy the mod if you can make one and put it in your store in the Min...
  • 54 votes

    (Feature Request) Add "Personal content' to Marketplace

    Personal content would be stuff that anyone can upload to marketplace, not just Minecraft Partners. But, only the upload, or friends of the upload(there would be an option for this) could download ...
  • 52 votes

    Use minecoins to purchase mods (was: mod list)

    you go to this list to get mod but it cost minecoins only you it to improve your gameplay will mods and other   
  • 45 votes

    (Licensed Content) Marvel Skinpack

    *This is a repost of sorts when the feedback site got revamped. Before on the Console Edition, there was a Marvel Skinpack with the avengers and spider man skins among others. Why not create a ne...
  • 44 votes

    (Minecoins) Sharing / Gifting Coins to Others

    Some players don’t have any Minecoins but their friend may have a ton. Players should be able to give others some of their minecoins
  • 40 votes

    (Feature Request) Confirmation option

    Is not it just possible if you really want to buy content or not? I've already bought so much content by accident by tapping or lags or whatever. This super little function to ask beforehand if you...
  • 38 votes

    (Licensed Content) Mass Effect Mash-up & other dlc

    Why is the Mass Effect Mash-up not available in bedrock edition? It should be added, the other mash-ups (Halo, Skyrim, etc.) got transferred over, why not Mass Effect? I can't even use my ME skins ...
  • 33 votes

    Release birthday skin packs on bedrock for the Minecraft bedrock birthday

    You should release the birthday skin packs on bedrock for all players for the bedrock birthday for free for like a week like on legacy console edition, it would be better than the current system w...
  • 31 votes

    (Licensed content) Percy Jackson, Harry Potter mash-ups

    Dear Mojang,       I was reading Percy Jackson the other day, and I thought to myself How cool would it be if there were a Percy Jackson Mash-Up in Minecraft? That would be so fun! That got me thin...
  • 29 votes

    Gifting system for content (was: Give as a gift to friends)

    I would like to request a feature. I want to purchase a world or a texture pack and send it as a gift to my friend.
  • 27 votes

    (Minecoins) Pay for Minecraft coins using your Microsoft balance on non Microsoft platforms

    Last one got deleted during the whole update thing. Being able to buy Minecraft coins using your Microsoft store balance/information on android or iOS (or any platform that would allow this) would...
  • 26 votes

    (Minecoins) Watching ads for Minecoins

    If minecoins are so valuable, then why do mythology worlds have no goal but collecting music discs? This is a question I can't answer myself, so I decided to ask you. I have a child account, so I c...
  • 26 votes

    More options for DLC (Add ons)

    So the marketplace released over 1 year ago and it has done amazing! New partners, new maps, new ways to explore. However, we have had the same 4 options for DLC from launch: Maps, Skin Packs, Text...
  • 25 votes

    (Feature Request) A Limited Time Offer Sale Section

    So the marketplace has been out for about 1 year now and it is quite amazing. New content every week and new partners being introduced to the system. A lot of announcements have also come in since ...
  • 25 votes

    (Content Request) new free city world download

  • 24 votes

    (Review) City life mod

    I bought the city life add on thinking that I would be able to use the pack in other worlds. Unfortunately, I can’t do this, and I wasted my money
  • 23 votes

    Improved Purchase Refund Process (was: getting things back)

    we should be able to get our minecoins or money back if we don't like what we got. because. its a waste of money and time so please change that because I'm very unhappy with some of my games that w...
  • 23 votes

    (Feature Request) Demo Mode

    Add Texture Pack and Map/World demos/trials