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Add magnet's


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    For cool redstone builds 😏

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    already possible with commands
    put this in repeating command block (you can replace netherite ingot with whatever
    execute @e [type=item,name=“Netherite Ingot”] ~~~ to @e[type=item,name=!”Netherite Ingot] ~~~
    Don’t forget you can get command block by chatting /give @s command_block
    and you should type
    /gamerule commandblockoutput false
    just so you don’t get spammed
    and depending on world settings you may need to put in command block
    execute as @e[type=item,name=“Netherite Ingot”] at @s run tp @e[type=item,name=!”Netherite Ingot”] ~~~
    Handheld magnets are also possible but i’m not gonna type it it’s too complex
    hope this helped!