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Fixing Minecraft Bedrock Moderation


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    Ideally they'd allow opt out on bedrock as well

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    Please fix chat moderation on bedrock edition. Or really just remove it. No matter what platform it’s on or what ‘fixes’ Mojang adds, people will find a way to abuse it. It’s honestly disgraceful that a game this loved is muzzled by Mojang and Microsoft this way.

    I’ve never seen a multiplayer game this heavily moderated, and with such severe consequences for just playing the game.

    I don’t want my little brother banned forever from Minecraft from some random player’s report for being a inappropriate little boy. Any server moderator could handle that. My brother is in love with Minecraft and that would just break his heart if he was banned forever for a one time offense. A million times more than if he caught a stray swear word in the chat, and even that could be just handled by my parents telling him off for playing on that particular server, or even just the server itself handling the offender.

    This whole thing is frankly ridiculous, and it’s even worse because this nightmare is coming to Java edition.

    What happened to this being a fun sandbox game, that is literally a sandbox game. Do I have to explain further why permanent banning and reporting is a problem?

    I’m getting too worked up over this. Whatever, just listen Mojang. Minecraft’s downfall will be swift.