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Idea for redstone golem in regular minecraft.


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    Sounds great, no doubt about it. But you haven't touched on any of the possible problems.
    1. Reward. Are you suggesting taking a mortal risk for a resource that many consider "junk"?
    2.Size. How many mobs do you know that are bigger than the iron golem? They levitate ugly, standing on the edges of the blocks, this is a problem.
    All in all, I suggest moving this opponent to another structure where we could SPEND redstone dust to get to something of value. Let's say an ancient obsidian treasure vault, occupied by illagers and a golem. We will need to repair the damaged redstone chains in order to go deeper. The golem will get in our way so we can't just punch holes in the walls.
    And the large size of the golem will become a "feature", it will not be able to crawl into holes in the floor and walls, and the player will attack from there.