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Minecraft Free to Play


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    Minecraft is already cheaper than most games, and the creators do put a lot of work into their updates (they just have trouble with time management is all). You'd need a more cohesive argument than "it'd be cool" to convince them to actually make it a free game.

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    It might work better as a trial version, offering a limited experience but will have to purchase the entire game for the full experience, rather than a FTP which would include multiple required purchases per feature, which seems more complicated.

    A trial version could have a very limited number of chunks generated, maybe on one seed/world only, with some amount of the resources available. Travel to the nether or end should be impossible/disabled, only an overworld experience. Perhaps include an accessible small village. It'd overall be a lot to figure how to balance between available limited access to features and unavailable features, in a way to tease and inspire the players to want to buy the full game for the whole experience.