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Option to use old terrain (1.7-1.17) in newer versions. (JAVA)


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    Do you feel like there isn't enough "big" land masses anymore? Like I remember on the old system I could walk through a plains/meadow area for a long time and not run into a massive cliff/ravine/cave and wouldn't run into massive oceans and rivers all the time. 

    Like now I feel like every land biome is extremely small due to the mass amounts of oceans and rivers everywhere, it doesn't feel like you can ever go inland and get away from the water anymore and it just feels like no matter where you go you're basically on an island. 

    Also, I like the cliffs and caves, but I think there is WAY too many of them generating. Yesterday I explored a few new seeds trying to find a massive, relatively flat plains/meadows/forest biome without too much water around it and without a massive mountain around it and I finally found a "decent" area that fit that description (even though the plains/meadows area was only about 100 x 250 blocks) and as soon as I get to the center what do I see?... A massive crack in the ground that drops into nowhere and is as wide as the entire land mass I wanted to build on. 

    I just think they should make them less common because it's impossible to find a good, flat, massive biome anymore. It sucks...