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Wardens in peaceful mode should still spawn, but not kill when spotted.


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    Looks like there's some good news for you: the warden currently spawns in the experimental Bedrock Beta, but it doesn't attack the player. It just runs to where they are and screams at them. Once the warden gets to where the player is, it appears it just stays there, screaming, even after the player walks away. I'm guessing that's to avoid players constantly being chased by a screaming warden since that wouldn't be very fun either.

    I can see where you're coming from with the idea of a "safe mode", but what else would you change? I'm not a fan of changing Peaceful Mode substantially since that's the main way I play. I like gathering, exploring, and building. I don't mind being scared, otherwise I wouldn't go anywhere near lava. I just don't like fighting at all and have no desire to fight mobs ever.

    Edit: And of course the day after I submit this comment, they release a snapshot that stops the Warden from spawning in peaceful lol