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PvE combat needs work in the late-game, there's no incentive/challenge


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    A clever way to give near-infinite replayability to PvE combat is to give unique equipment drops with randomized stats to mobs.

    For example, a magic staff might drop as 2 damage, whereas another staff drop will have 1 damage but with faster attack speed. An armor might drop with 2 health bonus, whereas another will have 3 health and increased move speed.

    This will also create a multiplayer economy in Minecraft, where players trade their rare high-stat equipments with each other. It's a simple RPG system that a lot of players liked on Minecraft Hypixel servers, and in other MMO games. It gives tons of replayability and incentives to mob combat!

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    Here's another idea for infinite PvE replayability: infinite dimensions, like in the April Fools 2020 update. You make a portal to a temporary dimension, kill the boss and get the loot, and after getting out the dimension will disappear, and players can start the loop again. It's a simple RPG loop that makes combat very replayable.

    Minecraft worlds aren't truly infinite. Hardware limitations prevent your worlds from reaching gigabytes. But this idea will make exploration and combat truly infinite, with randomly generated dungeons, enemies, and loot. The end update would be the perfect time to fit this infinite dimensions idea.

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    Maybe every time you do something it makes mobs have a higher chance of deleting your hardcore world. 

    ex. go to the nether ==> spread a new zombie virus variant burning everything in their way and immune to heat/cold

    do more raids ==> more magical illager variants, pillagers wear armor

    Also, mobs should be able to overrun and destroy your base instead of just wandering around.

    ex. Creepers strategically explode to let zombies into your base

    Fire zombies burn everything(making stone more brittle and easier to breach)

    Armor and tools could break quicker, and a weight system could limit the armor and weapons you can bring into battle.

    Finally, mobs should have better AI, and pillagers should try to axe pvp you(woah...). Maybe a crystal pvping illager? LMAO