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The new changes regarding timing and attack speed


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    About the new attack speed of the sword.

    There is an invulnerability time of 0.5 seconds. When an entity flashes red. Players and mobs do not receive more damage in that time (under normal situations). This effectively limits the maximum CPS/cooldown to 2. Attacking faster achieves nothing and would be less efficient, as some attacks would not register, as opposed to perfectly timing 2 CPS or slightly less. 1.8 PVP is essential limited to 2 CPS as well.

    Since the maximum effective attack speed is 2, due to immunity. Players would have to attack at 2 CPS or less. Otherwise wasting hits - the 3 attack speed is useless. And if someone thought it would be a good idea to remove or alter damage immunity just for this, then that is ridiculous. This could drastically alter the game in many more ways than just when using a sword.


    It should be noted most mobs attack about once per second. And cannot spam hit or hit 3 times in a second. At the moment it is pretty well balanced.

    I think the current sword attack speed of 1.6 is optimal. As opposed to some arbitrary value of 3, or spam clicking in pre 1.9. Players jump 1.6 times per second. This is a well known fact in the PVP community which allows for satisfying crit chain combos. The attack speed also happens to be just fast enough to also allow for regular sprint hit combos. That the opponent barely hits the ground after taking KB, then gets knocked again. 1.6 CPS is only 125 milliseconds slower than the damage immunity period of 2 CPS.