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Remove Villager-Spawned Iron Golem drops


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    Some people still want to use this feature, but it is infinite iron, so maybe it could be turned off with the already existing “cheats” option.
    This would enable/disable tnt duplicators, end portal dupes, and iron golem farms.

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    This is why I am hated on servers I sabotage farms.

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    Iron has the most crafting recipes of any item in the game, so it is the most useful item there is. Making it farmable is the only logical way to. Now, the developers did not originally intend for Golems to be farmed, that is why there maximum drop count is 5 ingots, but even if Iron golems dropped nothing, there are still bartering and zombie farms to do the job (albeit less efficiently).

    Now, with fortune being able to increase Raw Iron Ore drops, Iron Farms are less needed, but they should still remain as they are a staple of minecraft.