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Ambient Sounds for Each Biome + Unique Fog for The Wild Update


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    Yes, I think this feature has been long overdue. It seems weird that the Netherworld, and even Caves have ambiance, but the Overworld is eerily silent. This feature obviously isn't for everyone, but ambient biome noise could be turned up or down like any other sound setting. ...Not so sure how I feel about fog though. Maybe just different sky colors, like the nether? (Slightly lighter blue for mountains, slightly yellower for deserts, etc.)

    Full support for ambient sound though: What better way to add ambiance to existing biomes than... literal ambiance?

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    I've wanted this for so long in the game, I think that the forest is the one that should have much more of these sounds because it is the most seen biome

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    This would be a great change! And this is effectively already a thing for the nether biomes, so yeah, why not the overworld, too?